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Published on December 23rd, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


The Bugatti Chiron Profilee Is The Lost Chiron

See the Bugatti Chiron that never came to be

By now we should all be familiar with the popular Bugatti Chiron but I am certain a few of you will never have heard of the Chiron Profilee. This car was supposed to be built to maintain the purity of the Pur Sport model and was also designed for lateral grip and ultimate acceleration.


The Bugatti Chiron Profilee would also have been powered by the same 1,500Ps development of the brand’s W16 engine but it would have had 15 percent shorter transmission ratios compared to the Chiron Sport. It was also supposed to be slotted between the Chiron Sport and Chiron Pur Sport in the lineup too.

Moreover, the Bugatti Chiron Profilee would have had a 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of 2.3 seconds and would have been able to hit 200km/h in just 5.5 seconds. This version of the Chiron would also have had a top speed of 380km/h as compared to the Chiron Super Sport’s 350km/h top speed.


Now some of you may be asking, “this car sounds so cool, so how come we have never seen it?” Sadly, the Bugatti Chiron Profilee never made it into production and all 5000 slots for the Chiron had already been sold before the car’s development was completed. Thus, the car never came to be.

However, everything about the Bugatti Chiron Profilee was just too beautiful to be forgotten or simply be kept in a museum, so Bugatti has decided to change the status of the car from “never made it into production” to “now you can own one too” and this is exciting news indeed.


So now, Bugatti decided to finalize the development of the Chiron Profilee to make one fully functional unit and have partnered with RM Sotheby’s to auction off the car. Bugatti said the brand is doing this to give all Bugatti owners and those who want to become one before the W16 era comes to an end, a chance to acquire it.

Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles, said: “Taking customer wishes to explore a less radical version of the Pur Sport seriously into consideration, we started with the design and development of the Chiron Profilée in Autumn 2020.”


By the time we saw the pre-series vehicle coming out of production, all Chiron slots limited to just 500 were assigned for. But we knew that what we had created was too beautiful to be hidden away. It is – in every sense – a unique piece in Bugatti‘s history and a true collector’s item.” He added.


He concluded with “And we wanted to give a fair chance to any devotee of the Bugatti brand to acquire this unique car, so we decided to partner with RM Sotheby’s to auction it.”

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