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Published on January 17th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


How Much Would You Pay For An Unmolested BMW E30 Coupe

Today, the E30 Coupe value keeps rising and rising and we wonder why.

In the last decade we have seen a major shift in the Malaysian classic car scene. We must first thank the current many classic car owners in Malaysia who have actually spent time, money and effort to keep our classic car industry alive and kicking.

If you are new to the segment and when you do find the unit to buy. Whatever the condition, make sure the chassis number and engine number match the registration card first. Then see if the car can be driven properly.  

One of the most popular cars in the classic used car market is the BMW E30, but it is the 2-door coupe that is rising in value. Not the 4 door commuter version.

The pictures below show a 6-cylinder 320i which is no in the hands of the second owner which has been rarely driven and only parked in a covered dry garage when not in use and this is what you should be aiming for if you want a long term keeper.

Maintaining an E30 is no easy task if it comes from an unforgiving owner. This means careful maintenance is the key for a long and enjoyable driving life for your classic 3 Series Coupe.

When you find a unit that you think you want to part your money with, be sure to check the following. Inspect inner wheel arches and front wings, looking carefully of the wider bottom exterior of the car for rust.

The E30 is famous for having its firewall rusted to be as brittle as a cream cracker. You must peel away the carpet under the glove box and check with your index finger. Push with your index finger and if the metal work behind the glove box is moving, then move away fast from this purchase. If it is as solid as its exterior panels, then keep negotiating.

Open the fuel cap to check for rust at the hinges and sides. Check under the spare wheel area for rust or ‘newly painted’ surface that is covering the rust.

The best protection is to keep these areas clean and avoid driving through large puddles where mud and silt can be sprayed through your E30’s internals.

Freshly painted surfaces might be hiding a lot of rust damage so be warned and start gently knocking with your knuckles to hear for even sound along the panels. Uneven sounds or deep sounds would mean putty and paint touchup.

Have a closer look at the bushings of front and rear sway bars, when offset they can affect an impediment to aerodynamic efficiency, causing vibrations.

On a test drive if you hear a front end knocking sound, this could be caused by a damaged upper strut bearing. On the test drive you need to hear out for creaks, groans and clunking sounds.

Now comes the hard bit. Selling price. These cars can cost from as low as RM25,000 to a rather high RM95,000 depending on year, physical condition and engine type.

RM95,000 will get you an immaculate drive away 320i coupe from 1983 with just 2 owners like this unit on sale here.

RM35,000 will get you a restored 4-door 1988 unit that will be rust free and will drive smoothly.

RM400,000 will get you a proper rare E30 M3 with low mileage and all necessary documentation to prove its authenticity.

Also take note. Little rust and some interior panel warping is expected but the doors should not sag when opening, the seats would have been re-trimmed, roof lining redone, engine ticking over smoothly and very little underside damage. If there is a manual tilt and slide sunroof, then bonus points.

If you are thinking it’s time to buy your first classic car and you have no prior experience and have a smallish budget, then please keep reading and share this article with a friend that might need it. Well, the decision to leap into this segment for the less informed, we offer some sensible advice.

You can contact for more information on this E30 Coupe. What you see is what you get.

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