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Published on March 13th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Are The Number Plates More Expensive Than The SUV’s

Here we have two low priced SUV’s having very expensive number plates.

In Malaysia, like the rest of the world, fancy number plates, or plates with high desire numbers and alphabets can be really costly.

There have been number plates sold for a super high of RM1,500,300.00 to RM1,380,300.00 simply because they carry a single digit and alphabets that interest a very rich person.

Number Plates

The number ‘BQS 1’ was sold for 1.5 million and the number ‘PE 1’ fetched RM1.3 million. So, with a Proton X70 that costs at the highest of RM126,100 (Merdeka Edition), the plate number is almost 8 times more expensive than the vehicle.

Even a double digit ‘88’ like the one seen on this Perodua Aruz can fetch anywhere between RM29,100.00 to a high RM79,100.00 which is just about the new selling price of the Perodua Aruz 1.5 Advance which is the highest specification that is priced at RM77,900.00.

In case you were wondering, you can easily visit the JPJ website to have a look at what new numbers are coming up and make your personal bid and see of you can get the number plate that suits you and your budget.

Number Plates

To those unfamiliar with this new JPJ eBid process for bidding on prospective plates, it is essentially an online government-run bidding platform for selected series of Malaysian number plates.

The main thing to know about the bidding process would be that there are set minimum prices and minimum bid increments to specified sets of number plates. Single digit plates have a minimum starting bid of RM20,000, followed by a minimum bid of RM3,000 on double digit plates, while triple digits and four digit plates have a minimum bid of RM800 and RM300 respectively.

Winning bidders will have 12 months from the date of the offer letter issued by JPJ to register their plates on a vehicle.

Any registration numbers not sold through the JPJ eBid process will be offered to the public for purchase at a minimum price. Good news to those who think of number plates as just a serialized vehicle identification number then, instead of some vanity object.

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