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6th Generation Renault Espace Debuts With Austral’s Fundamentals

A new Renault Espace debuts for other markets. Malaysia will once again pass on this French MPV.

When it comes to MPVs, the Renault Espace has been pretty big in Europe but completely absent from other markets, Malaysia included. Now there’s a new 6th generation model out that’s based on the Renault Austral‘s CMF-CD platform, another model that’s not available here.

That being said, a large, upmarket MPV for the Malaysian market like the Espace might be a great addition to Renault Subscription programme… Let’s see what happens.

The 6th generation Espace can be configured to seat 5 or 7. A key selling point is it has one of the largest sunroofs on any vehicle, measuring a metre squared.

This piece of glass is coated to filter out UV rays and infrared rays and reflects heat from entering the cabin. It also has the proportions of an SUV while offering large dimensions overall. It’s 4.72 metres from bumper to bumper with 2.48 metres being dedicated to the third row alone.

This emphasis on passengers goes further as seats can recline up to 31 degrees.

  • 1,818 litres in the 5-seater version with the second row of seats folded down
  • 777 litres in the 5-seater version with the second row all the way forwards
  • 159 litres in 7-seater configuration with the third row in place

Powering the new Espace is a choice of 2 powertrains – either a 1.2L turbocharged 3-cylinder or 1.3L turbocharge 4-cylinder, both electrified hybrids paired with a CVT automatic transmission.

The 1.2L powertrain option has an output of 130hp and 205Nm of torque with two electric motors – a 70hp and 205Nm of torque for pure electric driving and another starter generator motor to start the engine and shift gears. This secondary high-voltage starter generator motor has an output of 25hp and 50Nm of torque.

Renault says the Espace can be driven in full electric mode 80% of the time, cutting fuel consumption by as much as 40%. This is not a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle though, so charging up is not required. Regenerative braking levels can be controlled using the steering wheel paddles.

Renault’s ‘Multimode’ Hybrid allows for 5 driving modes:

  • full electric (only the electric motor turns the wheels);
  • e-drive (the electric motor turns the wheels, the IC engine charges the battery);
  • dynamic hybrid (the IC engine and electric motor combine to turn the wheels);
  • IC (only the IC engine is active, turning the wheels and/or charging the battery);
  • Regeneration (the wheels drive the electric motor, which charges the battery).

A full tank of petrol can return up to 1,100km of range in optimal conditions.

renault espace rear three quarter

The Renault Espace now also comes with a multi-link rear axle and four-wheel steering capability known as 4CONTROL. 4CONTROL turns in the same direction up to 1 degree as the front wheels at speeds over 50km/h to help with stability while turning up to 5 degrees in the opposite direction at lower speed for a tighter turning circle.


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