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Published on May 2nd, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Facelifted Genesis G80 Spotted For The First Time In A Parking Garage

Will the Genesis G80 facelift save the luxury sedan market from the SUV takeover?

So for quite some time now, the SUV has become the predominant body type of vehicle one might see on the road these days, this is in stark contrast to some 10 or 20 years ago, where the sedan was by far the most common body type, but now, one Korean luxury car is getting a stylish facelift that may revive the humble sedan.

Genesis Electrified G80 Front Three Quarter View

While Korean cars, may not really have been one of the most desirable cars way back when, as of late, their most recent offerings are so well packed in terms of technology and safety and all look so stylish, that many people now aspire to own these cars and the same is true for the Genesis G80 facelift.

Moreover, Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury division, has a range of beautiful sedans and SUVs for customers to choose from and its second-generation G80 sedan is now already three years old which means it is due for a facelift and what many just be the facelift of this car has been spotted up close for the first time in a parking garage.

The close up picture was detailed by Woopa TV on YouTube and their video is linked here. While the car was sporting heavy camouflage on everything but the roof, the unmistakably Genesis pixel dual-strip design LED headlights are obvious but appear to be a bit thinner, similar to what the Genesis GV80 coupe prototypes.

Now the heavy camo means we can’t really see much about the new Genesis G80 but we can see some parts of the front fascia are getting a fresh new look with cropped vents at the corners versus the wide vents of the current car. The classic Genesis front grille is also carried over but it now looks to be much bigger than before.


On top of that, in the rear, the taillights look updated as well. The facelifted Genesis G80 also features a split design where the top strip extends further across the trunk than the bottom, but the update could have a more symmetrical shape as well, but with so much camo in the way, it is hard to really say what the rear might look like.

Unfortunately, the camo also extends to the windows which means we still do not know how the interior of the Genesis G80 would look like and as for power, the car is most likely carrying over the 2.5 and 3.5 litre petrol engines but power figures are yet to be revealed so that will be made public later.

Genesis G80 Sport side profile against Shanghai city skyline and asphalt race track ground scenery,high angle view

The Youtube video also highlights a possible debut in September or October for the Genesis G80 facelift. It is also worth mentioning that this timeline likely refers to a debut for South Korea, with other markets following in early 2024. 

2nd generation Genesis G80 from the front

We got all this from Motor 1 and their full article is linked here. Thank you Motor 1 for the information and images.

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