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BMW Shorties 2023 Winner Is ‘All Who Leave Go There’ By Ikram Haizammuri

BMW Shorties 2023 comes to an end and finds its grand prize winner. celebrates Malaysian creative talent.

As the curtains drew close on a week of thrilling festivities celebrating the art of filmmaking and creative culture in Malaysia, the BMW Shorties, the country’s most prestigious and long-standing short film competition and creative initiative, took center stage. In partnership with the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest), the BMW Shorties unveiled the competition’s latest Grand Prize Winner – ‘All Who Leave Go There’ by the talented Ikram Haizammuri.

Exploring the Lives of Rural Malaysians

‘All Who Leave Go There’ is a 12-minute narrative that delves into the lives of Malaysians residing in rural communities living in government-aided housing projects. The visually captivating story sheds light on the community’s limited exposure to urban life and their struggles to adapt their perspectives and improve living conditions. The main character, Ady, and his circle of friends serve as poignant reflections of this reality.

Ikram Haizammuri’s Triumph

Ikram Haizammuri emerged as the Grand Prize Winner of the BMW Shorties 2023 competition, claiming the coveted prize of RM80,000 as part of a production grant. A panel of esteemed judges from the creative industry, including Sun-J Perumal, Ko-chin Chen, Tunku Mona Riza, Ghazi Alqudcy, and Jasmin Suraya Chin, selected his film, ‘All Who Leave Go There,’ recognizing its subtle yet powerful exploration of its core message, excellent cinematography, and compelling performances.

BMW Shorties 2023 winner Ikram Haizammuri

In gratitude, Ikram expressed, “Participating in the BMW Shorties competition for the first time, ‘All Who Leave Go There’ has been an incredibly transformative journey in my role as a storyteller. I am immensely grateful to my dedicated team for bringing this story to life alongside me. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the BMW Shorties for providing us the opportunity to share our vision with a broader audience.”

A Journey into Filmmaking

Ikram Haizammuri’s journey into independent filmmaking began during his time as a student at Multimedia University (MMU). With expertise in post-production and Visual Effects, he credits hands-on experiences in various aspects of filmmaking for refining his skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the art form.

Judges’ Acclaim

Tunku Mona Riza, a celebrated Malaysian director and first-time BMW Shorties judge, praised Ikram’s masterful direction, emphasizing the film’s commitment to portraying the realities faced by Malaysia’s rural communities and the characters’ evolution in seeking opportunities for improvement. Fellow judge Ghazy Alqudcy added that ‘All Who Leave Go There’ is a testament to young directorial talent, authentically shedding light on the struggles of those left behind amidst rapid development.

BMW Shorties’ Core Beliefs

Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability of BMW Group Malaysia, emphasized the BMW Shorties’ core belief of providing a dynamic and collaborative space for creative voices to thrive. As the competition celebrated its 20th anniversary in Malaysia, it reflected on breaking barriers and adapting to innovation while witnessing exceptional creative prowess in films like ‘All Who Leave Go There.’

A Grand Conclusion

As a grand finale to the festivities celebrating the Malaysian film scene, The BMW Shorties showcased an exclusive preview of ‘RAHASIA,’ the newest BMW-funded film created by Syahmi Norsan, BMW Shorties’ Grand Prize Winner of 2022. The captivating short film explores intricate subjects of identity, family, and heritage, drawing inspiration from the enchanting traditions of the ancient Mah Meri tribe.

The BMW Shorties continues to be a driving force in nurturing and showcasing young filmmaking talent, exemplified by the outstanding work of Ikram Haizammuri in ‘All Who Leave Go There.’ With each passing year, the competition proves its commitment to promoting creativity and challenging the boundaries of the Malaysian film industry, solidifying its position as a leading platform for aspiring filmmakers.

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