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McLaren Has A New Multi-Tone Paint Finish On A 750S

Check out the ‘Spectrum Theme’ by MSO on the McLaren 750S.

McLaren Automotive has once again shattered expectations with the grand revelation of the Spectrum Theme – a breathtaking multi-tone paint finish that pushes the boundaries of automotive aesthetics. Developed and meticulously applied by the masterful artisans at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the brand’s in-house bespoke personalisation service, the Spectrum Theme is set to grace the awe-inspiring new 750S supercar, McLaren’s zenith in terms of both power and lightweight precision.

The conception of the Spectrum Theme is a true testament to McLaren’s dedication to innovation. It beckoned the emergence of novel techniques that usher in a new era of McLaren’s paint specialism, promising an unparalleled experience for customers seeking a groundbreaking touch of individuality.

This transcendent work of art, more intricate and technical than any previous MSO creation, shares a kinship with the revolutionary advancements underpinning the 750S. Melding separate shades of colors in a seamless tonal shift, meticulously crafted by skilled hands, the Spectrum Theme bestows an optical symphony upon the beholder. The closely interwoven hues conspire to generate an enchanting illusion of fluidity, an orchestrated dance of light and dark within each stripe. This visual dynamism imbues the stationary 750S with an air of velocity and acceleration, an embodiment of motion even at rest.

The Spectrum Theme unfolds in three captivating iterations – Spectrum Blue, Spectrum Grey, and Spectrum Orange. These captivating hues can harmonize with further bespoke personalisation from MSO, including vividly colored leather accents, a customized dedication plaque, and extended visual carbon fibre door sills that bear the hand-painted Spectrum graded effect MSO logos.

But the Spectrum journey doesn’t end here; it’s merely the prologue. The Spectrum Theme can also be commissioned in singular colorways, artfully crafted by MSO’s virtuoso artisans. Crafting these shades requires the formulation of innovative paints that seamlessly blend light and dark tones, culminating in a symphonic cascade of colors. There is no fixed recipe; each Spectrum Theme necessitates a bespoke blend of these paints to conjure the desired visual impact.

Finessing the placement of the Spectrum lines was a balletic challenge, especially considering the intricate dihedral doors’ aerodynamic design. At the rear, the Spectrum Theme graciously acknowledges the popular Velocity Theme, another creation by MSO. The seventh shade doesn’t simply appear as a solid stripe; it’s a gentle Velocity fade that caresses the 750S’s rear. The Blue theme dances from Spectrum Blue to the beguiling Metallic Aurora Blue, the Orange variant embarks from Spectrum Orange, culminating in the potent Gamma Red Metallic, and the Grey rendition transitions from Spectrum Grey to the captivating Metallic Meteorite Grey. And as a final flourish, even the underside of the Active Rear Wing of the 750S can be adorned with a contrasting hue.

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