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Published on August 4th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Reminisce With Volvo This Merdeka And Celebrate 6 Decades Of Innovation

Look back at how Volvo has given Malaysians the gift of safety for the past 60 years

What do you think of when you hear the word safety? Do you think of a home security system? Do you think of a utopia where we can all leave our doors unlocked all night and not worry? Well, for me, I think of Volvo, of how the Swedish brand invented the three point belt we have today up until this year where the brand innovated again. Let’s take a look back on this.

Moreover, Volvo has many technological advancements under its belt which have given Malaysians the confidence to move freely for the past six decades. From the first model from the brand in Malaysia, the Volvo 144, to its current electric models, like the XC40 Recharge, both the brand and Malaysia have grown and progressed together.

Speaking of the three point belt, many take this for granted these days as it is a standard item in all cars now. Volvo could have easily patented this technology for itself and charged all other carmakers to use it but the brand chose the safety of everyone over a profit, and that speaks volumes to the kind of brand the Swedish automaker strives to be.

On top of that, newer Volvo models, such as the aforementioned XC40 Recharge and the all-electric C40 model to even the brand’s luxury EV arm, Polestar, have all pushed the envelope not just in terms of innovation but in every aspect, from performance, to safety to comfort and everything in between. These vehicles are truly something else.

So, this Merdeka, to celebrate the innovation Volvo brings and the indomitable spirit of Malaysia, let us take a ride down memory lane. Together with Federal Auto Cars, the brand brings you Makers of Tomorrow, an exclusive exhibition that celebrates the heritage and transformation that has led to the development of our latest electric vehicles.

From 16 to 20 August 2023 between 10.00AM and 900PM at the Main Concourse, Bangsar Shopping Centre, take a scenic walk (or drive) down the road of nostalgia with both Volvo and Malaysia as we celebrate the month our great nation gained her independence and remember all the innovation and siles we enjoyed. Join us on this journey through the years.

More information can be found on the official Volvo Malaysia website linked here.

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