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Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Secures 3rd Place in Asia Cross Country Rally 2023 In New Triton

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart shows what the all-new Mitsubishi Triton can do at AXCR 2023.

Mitsubishi Motors celebrates a remarkable achievement as Team Mitsubishi Ralliart clinches the 3rd place overall in the rigorous Asia Cross Country Rally 2023 (AXCR). This year’s AXCR took place in the stunning landscapes of Thailand and Laos from August 13 to 19. The team’s exceptional performance was showcased through their relentless spirit, skillful driving, and the powerful all-new Triton rally cars.

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart new Triton AXCR 2023

Race Highlights: Amidst the challenging terrain and unpredictable weather, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart displayed their prowess with three all-new Tritons, designed as T1 cross-country prototypes. The rally encompassed an impressive total distance of 2033.42 km, including 973.98 km of special stages (SS). Former AXCR champion driver Chayapon Yotha, hailing from Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, stood tall at 3rd place overall. Another noteworthy performance was by Katsuhiko Taguchi, representing Japan and competing for the first time in AXCR, who secured the 8th position. Rifat Sungkar from Indonesia secured the 32nd place.

Team Triumph: Team Mitsubishi Ralliart emerged victorious not only in individual rankings but also clinched the prestigious Team Award. This honor is bestowed upon the team that enters with two or more vehicles and successfully completes the rally, based on the combined time of the top two entries. This victory underscores the team’s collaboration, determination, and synchronized efforts that led to their commendable achievement.

Challenging Race Conditions: AXCR 2023 took place during the rainy season, creating an added layer of complexity to the race. The ceremonial start kicked off at the iconic Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand, on August 13. Participants navigated through various legs, including steep courses, treacherous potholes, muddy roads, and river crossings, particularly evident during the second half of the race in Laos. The dust-covered rally cars added an extra layer of difficulty, obstructing the drivers’ vision as they maneuvered through the competition.

Notable Performances: Chayapon Yotha, a seasoned champion aiming for his second consecutive AXCR title, exhibited his mastery over the all-new Triton rally car. He notably set the second-fastest time in SS2 on the second day, propelling him to 4th place overall after the first half. Yotha continued his impressive momentum and secured the 3rd place overall, consistently maintaining strong positions in various SS stages. Katsuhiko Taguchi made a remarkable debut, showcasing remarkable handling and speed, which enabled him to secure the top time in SS1. Despite challenges, Taguchi claimed the 8th position. Rifat Sungkar faced initial setbacks but demonstrated resilience by securing the fastest time in SS5 and finishing 32nd overall.

Mitsubishi Ralliart Logo

Team Director’s Perspective: Hiroshi Masuoka, the Team Director of Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, expressed his pride in the team’s achievements. Despite not securing the championship for the second year in a row, the team’s ability to complete the rally with all three Tritons highlighted the team’s progress and dedication. The all-new Triton rally cars, developed with swift precision following a model change, showcased their performance across multiple aspects. This experience not only highlighted areas of improvement but also reaffirmed the team’s direction in car manufacturing.

  • AXCR2023 Auto Category Overall Results
    • 1st Takuma Aoki (Toyota Fortuner) 11:46:22
    • 2nd Tubagus Moerinsyahdi (Toyota Fortuner)11:50:50
    • 3rd Chayapon Yotha (Mitsubishi Triton)12:00:40
    • 4th Raz Yehoshua Heymann (Segal Segal)13:10:40
    • 5th Pittiphon Promchotikul (Toyota Hilux REVO)13:30:59
    • 6th Mana Pornsiricherd (Toyota Hilux)13:33:25
    • 8th Katsuhiko Taguchi (Mitsubishi Triton)13:49:31
    • 32nd Rifat Sungkar (Mitsubishi Triton)30:22:29

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