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The BMW 6 Series GT Has Been Discontinued With No Successor

BMW 6 GT has reportedly been dropped from production. Are these the last 2 units available to Malaysians?

Some of you may have known this already, but my thoughts on the BMW 6 GT are conflicted. On the one hand it’s a more practical and exclusive version of the 5 Series, which is already an excellent driver’s car. On the other hand, its existence shows BMW’s disregard for its own legacy and fans as it simply a 6 Series in name only and in fact is nothing more than a follow up to the 5 GT.

BMW 6 Series GT

The company confirmed that the BMW 6 Series GT will be discontinued and its production has ended. While no official reason has been given, there are sources that believe it was simply not selling well enough. In fact, the 6 GT was BMW’s worst performing model in Germany in the first half of this year.

If you’re one of the few who thinks the 6 GT is worth buying either as a daily or as a potential collector’s item, we did a quick search on BMW Malaysia’s online shop and found that there are still two units of the locally-assembled 630i GT M Sport in stock!

The one with Tian Siang Premium Auto Sdn Bhd is likely up north (they have dealerships in Ipoh and Penang. This unit has a Carbon Black exterior with a Cognac interior. There’s also one in stock with Regas Premium Auto Sdn Bhd in Kuching, Sarawak. This one’s in Skyscraper Grey with a Black interior. At RM442,800 you are paying an 8% premium over the 530i M Sport.

What Went Wrong With the BMW 6 GT?

I actually test drove the BMW 6 Series GT in 2019 and found that it was actually a pretty excellent vehicle despite my misgivings. While its looks were a little difficult to stomach, the practicality of its large boot was impossible to ignore. Ultimately, I think it was pricing that was an issue. At launch, the 630i was about 12.5% more expensive than the equivalent 5 Series. The gap has closed to 8%, as mentioned, but I have a feeling most BMW customers were more convinced by the image and styling of the 5 Series, which has been a bread and butter product for many generations now.

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