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Published on August 5th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Which NEW Car CANNOT Drive Up To Genting

Today every single new car, MPV, SUV sold has the ability to be driven up Camerons and Genting

So, can we please stop asking this ridiculous question every single time a new basic small engine cubic capacity (CC) car is launched in Malaysia?

Car manufacturers spend a lot of driving time across all terrains to make sure every new car sold is able to be driven us hill top resorts and more.

Even our national cars have no issue, the small ones and the big ones with small engines. It is a requirement that is tested way before the new car is launched.

Proton and Perodua have been field testing their compact cars up every hill-top resort for decades and even the simple early Kancil 660 could be driven up, not so fast but it can still reach the top with four average adults on board.

Even early model Japanese cars like the Daihatsu Charade and Mazda 1000 (Jumbo) could be driven up these hill top resorts easily. (pictured below)

At the recent Proton X90 launch, there were questions if the 1.5L Turbocharged engine is powerful enough to move the X90 with 7 passengers’ up to Genting hill top. Well, unless you are ferrying sumo wrestlers and with a Thule box on the roof with their 7-day luggage, then you might have find a few stretches of this private road an issue.

But then, how often will this happen. You ferrying sumo wrestlers and their 7-day luggage?

In case you forgot, the Proton X90 is the company’s first-ever SUV equipped with a mild hybrid system.

The Proton X90 comes with a 48V Electric Motor Synergy (EMS) System, which is designed to work in tandem with the car’s petrol fed engine. The 48V EMS System is paired to the tried and tested 1.5l TGDi engine, the same one found on both the Proton X50 and X70, and mated to a 7-speed DCT for quick and smooth gear changes.

This system provides extra torque and acceleration when needed, making for a more powerful and smoother driving experience. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, which is excellent for city traffic commuting.

How The BSG System Works

The 48V EMS System is made up of six key components, including the 48V Belt-Starter Generator (BSG) motor, the DCDC Converter, the 48V Lithium-Ion Battery, the Battery Management System, the Recuperation Braking System, and the Hybrid Module Control System.

These components work together to offer a more economical, more powerful, and smoother driving experience to users.

One of the key benefits of the BSG system is that it allows a vehicle to have various electric vehicle features, including extended shutdown, comfort start, dynamic boost, engine-off sailing, quick starting, full boost and regeneration.

So, we hope that the above explains how new drivetrain technology allows for small engine capacity, like the 1.5L to move a large vehicle with a full load of passengers up a hill top resort, even daily if needed. Please do not race up the hill like some reckless YouTubers  ……. OK?

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