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Shell Launches Accelerate to Zero Programme In Malaysia For Fleet Owners

Shell Malaysia’s ‘Accelerate to Zero’ Programme helps fleet owners with growing concerns.

The business mobility division of Shell Malaysia, Shell Fleet Solutions, today launched their Accelerate to Zero (A2Z) Programme. A2Z is designed to solve issues of supply chain disruptions, driver shortages, decarbonisation, vehicle optimisation, rising costs and more by optimising operations and achieving sustainability goals.

Accelerate to Zero event panel

One major change with A2Z is the replacement of the traditional fuel card to the Shell Card, which unlocks broader mobility solutions. With the Shell Card, fleet owners get a broader range or day-to-day mobility expenses, including not just fuel but also telematics, lubricants, and electric vehicle charging through the Shell Recharge infrastructure.

Shell is also able to provide integrated fleet solutions for companies looking to meet ‘decarbonization’ goals. On the one hand, this can mean fuel use reduction by way of optimization via Shell Telematics and driver training. On the other hand, fleet operators can also use Shell’s ‘Carbon Compensation’ to make up for carbon emissions from fuel purchases by way of carbon credits generated by Shell projects.

Shell is aiming to be the partner of choice for fleet owners of every size in Malaysia in their transition towards decarbonisation and accelerating growth.

Here’s a quick look at what the A2Z programme is introducing:

  • Shell Card – The newly revamped Shell Card is the key to unlocking all the solutions and enabling integration to a fleet’s day-to-day mobility expenses, including fuel, telematics, lubricants, and electric vehicles (EVs) charging through the Shell network.
  • Shell Recharge – Shell’s EV charging ecosystem provides corporate fleets with a complete package of hardware, software services and support solutions designed to meet their specific EV infrastructure requirements. Customers can also tap into Shell’s expanding network of charging points.
  • Shell Telematics – This solution combines integrated Shell Card data, ‘live’ vehicle tracking, vehicle performance monitoring and more to provide corporate fleets with critical data and business intelligence to help them achieve greater sustainability.
  • Carbon Compensation – While adopting measures to avoid and reduce emissions is pivotal to reducing carbon emissions in the long and medium term, management of less-avoidable emissions is still a necessity in the interim. Customers can now opt to compensate for the carbon emissions from their fuel purchases through carbon credits generated by Shell projects.

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