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The New Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain Looks Pretty Great

The new wagon-based E-Class All-Terrain looks much more appealing than the sedan model.

Mercedes-Benz has just shown E-Class All-Terrain model for this generation. This is an off-road version of the Estate model with bigger wheels, a different bodykit, raised suspension and some optimisations for rough roading. The new All-Terrain model comes with AIRMATIC air suspension, 4MATIC all-wheel drive, and an off-road driving programme as standard. The All-Terrain gets a ‘transparent bonnet’ feature for the 360-degree camera. This will help when driving over rocky terrain.

Of course looks matter with a car like this and so Mercedes-Benz have gone all-out and given the All-Terrain the off-road rugged look with a unique front grille with twin-louvre grille in Iridium Silver, special bumpers, high-gloss chrome for the front and rear underride guard and the dark grey wheel-arch liners.

The interior comes with an AMG stainless steel sports pedals and floor mats with the All-Terrain logo. Otherwise it’s the same familiar and cavernous cabin as the Estate, which has grown over the last generation model.

In terms of length, the All-Terrain is about the same as the Estate version, but it is taller at 1,496mm. Its also got a wheelbase that’s longer by 22mm and the width is up by 28mm versus the last model. It rides on 235/55 R 18 but you can go up to 20 inches.

mercedes-benz e-class all-terrain model from the rear

While it’s doubtful that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia will bring in the E-Class All-Terrain model, it’s definitely one of the coolest mass market models from the company. Actual customers are more drawn towards SUVs and crossovers. In fact, the new E-Class sedan might actually be outsold by the current generation GLC globally should the SUV buying trend continue its upward trajectory.

Like the Estate model, the All-Terrain will be available with diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid versions available with both 4 and 6 cylinder engines available. Mercedes-Benz vehicle and battery production is net carbon neutral with power purchased externally being 100% from renewable sources. Mercedes-Benz has been making estate cars since 1966. The All-Terrain is based on the estate model has been in production since 2017.

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