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Volkswagen ID.X Performance Concept Could Be Brand’s Next Sports EV Sedan

The Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept shows an electric sedan with a serious punch.

Volkswagen has unveiled the ID.X Performance, a groundbreaking all-electric sports limousine in the upper mid-sized class. This show car not only impresses with its powerful all-wheel drive and performance-oriented suspension but also captivates onlookers with its expressive and dynamic appearance. It’s a follow-up to the recently unveiled ID.GTI Concept. This ID.X Performance was shown at the ID.Treffen event at Locarno.

Dynamic Design and Sporty Features

The ID.X Performance embodies athleticism and power through its dynamic exterior design. The front splitter and rear diffuser, both constructed from carbon, not only enhance the car’s aerodynamics but also contribute to its sporty aesthetic. Engineers have raised the toe by 80 millimeters and lowered the sports suspension with stiff springs by 60 millimeters, resulting in enhanced performance and agility, making it an exhilarating ride for any driver.

Complementing the dynamic stance are the 20-inch sports alloy wheels with a central lock, shod with size 265 racing tires that ensure optimal grip and control. At the rear, a carbon wing provides the necessary downforce for improved stability at high speeds. Tinted tail light clusters emphasize the sporty appeal of this high-performance electric limousine. Inside, occupants are treated to carbon bucket seats, offering impeccable support, even during spirited driving. The presence of red accents throughout the interior serves to underscore the vehicle’s sporty characteristics.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance Concept interior

Powerful Dual-Motor Drive with Boost Function

Under the hood, the ID.X Performance impresses further with its dual-motor drive system, boasting a total output of 411 kW (558 PS). To achieve this impressive power output, Volkswagen has integrated an additional asynchronous motor on the front axle, creating an all-wheel drive configuration. This innovative design not only provides a short-time overload capability but also minimizes drag losses, making it ideal for delivering short bursts of power through a boost function.

The drive torque is expertly managed by a Vehicle Dynamics Manager, which also controls the rear axle differential lock. For added convenience, this function is displayed on a dedicated 17-centimeter screen diagonal in the center console. The energy for this dual-motor drive system is supplied by a high-capacity battery, ensuring not only high continuous power output but also quick charging times of up to 200 kW, keeping you on the road and reducing downtime.

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