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Infiniti Vision Qe Concept Is A Preview Of Brand’s First EV

Infiniti steps into the world of electric vehicles in concept only with the Vision Qe.

The Infiniti Vision Qe was shown ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023 at an event alongside the Tokyo Bay. This concept car showcases the Japanese premium brand’s evolved design language and shows what they have in mind for their first all-electric sedan.

Embracing Japanese Philosophy

Inspired by Japanese philosophies, INFINITI’s global design team embarked on a journey to create a distinctive design that goes beyond the ordinary. The first philosophy, “Kabuku,” urges us to embrace the extraordinary. This concept car indeed elicits a sense of the extraordinary, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.

The second philosophy, “Sho,” focuses on conveying speed, dynamism, and movement. The Vision Qe’s designers have sculpted a body that embodies the essence of “Sho” with its sleek, low profile, and tapered yet muscular rear fenders, all expressing effortless motion and powerful purpose. Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design, remarked that the design resembles “abstractions of a bird in flight” – powerful, almost motionless, yet generating incredible speed.

The third philosophy, “Sui,” emphasizes exquisite details that exude sophistication and purity. The INFINITI Vision Qe concept is a testament to this philosophy, with meticulous attention to detail evident throughout the design.

A Promise of Performance

The Vision Qe concept not only boasts a striking appearance but also promises remarkable performance. A gentle pressing along the bodyside combines with the fender surfacing to create an elegant yet muscular presence, hinting at the engaging all-electric drive a future production version will deliver. It’s a vehicle that perfectly balances beauty and brawn.

infiniti vision qe concept from the side

Symbolism Behind the Colors

The INFINITI Vision Qe concept is finished in a bespoke Shadow Blue paint, a deep blue base coat enriched with lustrous gold highlights. The interplay of light and shadow across the surfaces creates a mesmerizing effect, perfectly complementing the warm gold illumination. These colors reflect INFINITI’s recently refreshed visual identity, symbolizing elegance and innovation.

Lustrous Wheels

The large wheels on the Vision Qe concept feature a striking geometric pattern inspired by the tightly wound coil of an electric motor. A warm gold treatment on the accents contrasts beautifully with the rich blue body color. These wheels not only add to the vehicle’s aesthetics but also hint at the advanced electric powertrain within.

Signature Double-Arched Grille Evolves

INFINITI’s iconic double-arched grille has undergone a transformation for the EV era. It is now represented by sculpted lines within the front fascia and illuminated with a bright LED outline. This evolution reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Lighting Expresses Digital Artistry

INFINITI’s “digital piano key” lighting signature (first shown in 2020) adorns the Vision Qe concept, casting a brilliant shade of gold. The front fascia, with the three-dimensional emblem, radiates a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. The rear tail lamps, designed as piano keys, offer a warm and welcoming animation as if to greet the owner with thoughtful hospitality.

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