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4 New Casio G-Shock Multi-Colour Metal Watches Released

Four new metal Casio G-Shock watches and they’re all multi-coloured.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has released additions to its iconic G-SHOCK shock-resistant watch family. These four new models – the GMW-B5000PC, GMW-B5000BPC, GM-B2100PC, and GM-B2100BPC – are designed to make a bold statement about individual character and a relentless pursuit of toughness.

The GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100 models have long been favorites worldwide for their distinct characteristics. The GMW-B5000 inherits the iconic design of the very first G-SHOCK, while the GM-B2100 stands out with its simplicity and octagonal bezel. These models have carved a niche for themselves in the watch industry, combining ruggedness with style.

Casio g-shock bluetooth connectivity

What sets the new GMW-B5000PC, GMW-B5000BPC, GM-B2100PC, and GM-B2100BPC apart is their stunning multicolored designs. These full-metal timepieces take inspiration from their predecessors but introduce a vibrant palette of hues and gradations that symbolize the diverse character of their wearers. Casio has long been known for crafting watches that not only deliver shock resistance but also offer innovative designs and unique color schemes.

The faces of these four watches are canvases of multihued color schemes and gradations, reflecting the spirit of individuals who are unyielding in their quest for toughness. Each model has a distinct color scheme, creating a wide range of choices for G-SHOCK enthusiasts.

GMW-B5000PC and GMW-B5000BPC: Blue/Green Gradation

The GMW-B5000PC and GMW-B5000BPC watches captivate with their blue/green gradation, achieved through glass vapor deposition. The digital face’s perimeter is adorned with these captivating colors, while red, yellow, and other accent hues are incorporated into the feature indications and inner frame line, creating an expressive and striking appearance that appeals to those who appreciate bold style.

GM-B2100PC and GM-B2100BPC: Color Gradation on Hands and Index Marks

The GM-B2100PC features a sleek black dial base with a mesmerizing purple/blue gradation on the hour marks and watch hands. On the other hand, the GM-B2100BPC boasts warm-hued orange/red gradation, which beautifully complements the black components. To achieve a harmonious and visually appealing color scheme, diverse colors are applied to the index marks, further emphasizing the unique character of these timepieces.

Pricing and Availability

These four watches will be available at all authorised G-Shock stores, G-Factory and authorised dealerships immediately. Alternatively, you could order them online at the official Casio E-Commerce Website. Here’s the pricing structure:

GM-B2100PC-1ADR – RM 2,995
GM-B2100BPC-1ADR – RM 3,245
GMW-B5000PC-1DR – RM 3,295
GMW-B5000BPC-1DR  – RM 3,545

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