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Polestar 4 Goes Into Production In China

Polestar 4 Production Kicks Off with Green Innovation: A Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable Electric Vehicles

Polestar has officially initiated the production of its highly anticipated Polestar 4 model. The first car has rolled off the assembly line at the environmentally-conscious Hangzhou Bay factory in China, marking a significant milestone for the brand. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Polestar is set to redefine the electric vehicle landscape with the Polestar 4.

polestar 4 starts production in china

Polestar enthusiasts in China can expect the first deliveries of the Polestar 4 before the close of 2023, while the global market will witness the official launch in early 2024. The brand promises customer deliveries in other Polestar markets within the same year.

Polestar’s dedication to sustainability takes center stage at the Hangzhou Bay factory, operated by Geely Holding. This facility, powered by renewable electricity holding the I-REC hydro power certificate, showcases the brand’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. The Hangzhou Bay factory is a testament to Polestar’s green initiatives, setting a new standard in eco-friendly manufacturing.

The Polestar 4 boasts the lowest carbon footprint among all Polestar models at launch, ranging from 19.4-21.4 tCO2e. This achievement is attributed to the Hangzhou Bay factory’s use of renewable electricity and innovative manufacturing practices.

The Hangzhou Bay factory employs various techniques to minimize its environmental impact, including:

  1. Non-Chrome Passivator: Used to reduce water pollution, underscoring Polestar’s commitment to water conservation.
  2. Water-Based Paint: Adopting water-based paint reduces volatile organic compound emissions, aligning with the brand’s eco-conscious approach.
  3. Dry Paper Box Filtering: Implemented in the paint shop to eliminate paint mist, achieve zero wastewater generation during spraying, and reduce air conditioning energy consumption by 60%.
  4. Concentrator Wheel and Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser: These technologies effectively treat exhaust gases, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Polestar 4, unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2023, stands out not only in design and performance but also as the first Polestar to feature a virtual rear window with a world-class digital rear-view mirror. Positioned between the Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 in terms of size and price, the SUV coupé incorporates design cues from Polestar’s concept cars, making it a distinctive addition to the Polestar lineup.

Polestar has its sights set on the future, with plans to expand manufacturing to Busan, South Korea, from the second half of 2025. This expansion will cater to the local market and support exports to North American markets, further solidifying Polestar’s global presence.

As the Polestar 4 takes its place on the roads, it symbolizes a shift towards sustainable and innovative electric vehicles. The Hangzhou Bay factory’s commitment to green manufacturing techniques reinforces Polestar’s dedication to environmental responsibility. With the Polestar 4, the brand not only delivers a remarkable SUV coupé but also paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future in the automotive industry.

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