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Published on December 30th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Do We Know Exactly Why BMWMCM Is Retired

Thank you BMWMCM …… Sorry to see you end this way

Biking enthusiasts, Motor Maniac founder and just all round two wheels expert Kevin Lee shares his thoughts on the demise of BMWMCM.

“It was purely accidental that I joined this Club some 10 years ago. I had bought my first BMW motorcycle and Tony (a seasoned BMW biker who owned Waikiki Bar that I used to frequent to) invited me to my first Club gathering and Sham and him promptly filled up the membership form, forged my signature and paid for the year’s fees!

I wouldn’t have joined on my own accord to be honest. I couldn’t stand motorcycle clubs and was (still is in many ways) anti-establishment.

But BMWMCM who was headed by Minesh at the time was different. Something unique about it. Although things were meticulously planned all the time I never felt like I couldn’t do things my way and not be judged or asked to toe the line.

The members were definitely the assets. I’ve met no less than 100 people there that till today I call friends. Some have passed on, some don’t ride anyone and some are still very much in the thick of the industry.

People like Faizal Sukree who has gone on doing a fabulous job as BMW GS Off-road Instructor & guide after riding in over 80 counties all over the world, as with Wong KK & Silas. Also Capt Nik, Ariv & Faudzi Din who’s gone to create the motorcycle off-road event of the year in this region with the ever so successful Rimba Raid series.

People like Din Laju doing ECU mods with Rapid Bike, and Buck with Tune Boss. Assir $1 is till active organizing 4×4 and off-road tours in Eastern Europe and beyond. Some got into racing. Some formed racing teams, etc.

Shockingly, I was made a committee member in the second year. A post I held for two whole days before I gave it up haha! I was much happier organizing rides. I organized the 3 Hill Ride & numerous off-road excursions helping Capt Nik.

The highlight for me was being handed the task, which I was privileged and honoured, to organize Minesh’s farewell & final ride as Club President.

Special thanks to Tony & Abg Roesman for helping me out on this ride as there was a mishap which involved Hj Yan & Ah Keat in Raub which saw both riders breaking their legs. I tasked Abg Roesman to take over the lead while I stayed back to settle the accident with the police, ambulance & tow trucks and Tony stayed back to accompany me.

I also must thank Alex who was at the hospital tending to the two guys. Tony & I reached the resort in the dark. Everyone was already having dinner and I was still in my riding gear. I had dedicated all the best rooms for everyone and left myself with a tiny room that I had to stand on the bed to be able to close the door, which I offered Faizal to share with me after he turned up on his own later in the night with no rooms booked.

The second highlight was meeting Charlie Boorman at Minesh surprise birthday thanks to Lamb’s connection. Well played Lamb, well played! The Club was unbelievably active. They rode from Turkey to Germany for Garmisch.

Twice. Rode in USA, Sri Lanka, Africa, Japan or other parts of Europe apart for the 8 counties they rode from Turkey to Germany.

Then the 4 corners, the Peninsula, the Northern, etc etc local & regional rides. I organized Project Panniers with the instrumental help from Lamb, Abg Harris, Abg Roesman, Sean & Mannu.

I must also thank Edwin for the use of his kitchen to let me cook meals for the homeless and Tunku Mona for helping me even though it was on her birthday! Every year we’d have Family Days. I remember attending the one in Tasik Kenyir where again I was involved in rescue when Doc Zainal crashed his bike 100 meters in front of me and broke his arm.

I was only there for 3 years. The second year BMWMCM was voted THE best BMW Club worldwide – both cars and motorrad!

Then one ride in Langkawi, Minesh & his wife Justine gathered a few of is for after dinner drinks & broke the news that he was stepping down as President due to family commitments. Justine pleaded with us to allow him to resign.

I was the first to say thank you and wished him the best. I stayed for another year under the Presidency of Abg Zaini (whom I felt for cos he was constantly & unfairly compared to Minesh), before I left the Club for good having sold my third and last BMW Motorrad.

At the AGM where Minesh announced his retirement I was invited on stage to receive a special award. A Valued Member plague along with 7 others. I thought that was such a nice gesture. Good times. Good memories. It’s a Club that I had briefly called home.

But the temporary dwelling has lasting impressions on me till today, and I’m sure most of the friends I met there will stay friends with me till the very end. I’ve had no further affiliation with the Club for over 7-8 years now so I don’t really know what happened for it to be deregistered.

I do feel a tinge of sadness but nothing Minesh would feel I’m sure. And of course, Kenneth the Club founder. Thank you BMWMCM. Sorry to see you end this way.”


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