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2nd Gen Porsche Macan Finally Revealed And It’s Fully Electric

The best selling Porsche Macan gets an all-new model after a decade and it ditches the ICE.

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Porsche Macan has been the company’s best selling model for years and perhaps of all time. After ten years of unstoppable sales and many facelifts and model updates, Porsche has finally decided it’s time to give up on the first generation Macan and give us an all-new model with a launch in Singapore of all places. Today is the day we get the full details on this new Macan and to nobody’s surprise, it’s all-electric.

This will be the first time Porsche transitions an existing nameplate from ICE to electric – the Taycan is their only other electric vehicle and it has no predecessor to speak of. The new 2nd generation compact SUV will be offered initially in two variants – the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo.

In terms of looks, this new model clearly takes inspiration from the outgoing car and adds a touch of the Taycan for the electric Porsche look. That being said there are some unique touches here, such as the frameless doors and the 3D-sculpted light strip. The whole vehicle is 4,784mm long, 1,938mm wide and 1,622mm tall with standard fit 22-inch tyres. Strangely enough, the wheelbase is 2,893mm which is 86mm shorter than its predecessor.

Powering the new electric Macan are Porsche’s latest generation of permanently-excited motors on both the front and rear axles. When used with Launch Control, the Macan 4 has an output of 408PS and 650Nm of torque while the Macan Turbo has an output of 639PS and 1,130Nm of torque. This allows the 4 to complete the century sprint in just 5.2 seconds while the Turbo does it in just 3.3 seconds. Top speeds are quoted as 220km/h and 260km/h respectively. These are indeed impressive performance numbers making the new Macan models worthy of their badges.

2025 porsche macan 4 and porsche macan turbo in motion

The basis of the new Macan is the new Premium Platform Electric with its 800 volt architecture, shared with the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron and Q6 e-tron. DC Fast charging of up to 270kW is supported, allowing for a 10% to 80% charge up in 21 minutes, plus the platform is able to split the two batteries when charging at 400 volt stations for increased efficiency. Up to 11kW AC charging is also available.

The WLTP range of the new Macan 4 is quoted at 613km and 591km for the Macan Turbo. The new Porsche Macan combines its distinctive design with aerodynamics optimized for increased range. Featuring the Porsche Active Aerodynamics system, it boasts a drag coefficient of 0.25, making it one of the most streamlined SUVs on the market.

The electrification of the Macan has led to expanded luggage space, a second front compartment (‘frunk’), and a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 kg. The interior showcases Porsche’s signature style, with customizable features, ecological materials, and modern digital interfaces. The Macan is equipped with up to three screens, including a 12.6-inch curved-design instrument cluster and a 10.9-inch central display. The all-wheel-drive Macan 4 and Macan Turbo feature electric motors controlled in real time, enhanced by Porsche Traction Management and Torque Vectoring Plus.

Optional features include rear-axle steering and air suspension with electronic damping control. The Macan is produced in a net carbon-neutral manner at the Porsche Plant Leipzig, and deliveries are expected in the second half of the year, with prices starting at €84,100 for the Macan 4 and €114,600 for the Macan Turbo in Germany.

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