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Published on January 4th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Can SPANCO Maintain The Government’s Electric Car Fleet In 2024

SPANCO needs to invest in after sales training and tools

Many have asked why the Malaysian government is not taking on a fleet of electric vehicles as their official run around transport to promote the use of electric car ownership. The recent launch of the MIFA 9 electric MPV by Westar showed some interest as a possible replacement for the Toyota Alphard from UMW Toyota.

Plus, it is a well known fact that Westar has close ties with the Malaysian government with the thousands of Maxus vans being used by many government agencies despite its decades old age, design and technology.

With the MIFA 9 electric MPV which is designed and built by SAIC and sold by Westar from RM270k, it should be a next best option for our current government.


However, the problem might lie with SPANCO which is the company that has for decades supplied the government fleet, from the Honda Civic to PDRM and KPDNHEP to the many Proton and Perodua vehicles to government agencies to even the Toyota Alphards for the Ministers.

A few years ago, SPANCO got their very very very long contract extended again for more than a decade (done by th previous government) and this shows how transparent and clear our government contracts are.

Imagine this. SPANCO buys a car from Proton and leases it to the Malaysian government. SPANCO charges a huge premium. Why can’t the government buy direct from Proton and Perodua which are our national car manufacturers and have their well established after sales network look after these cars?

Why do you need SPANCO to buy and lease these cars to the government?


Are we missing some important point here? Or is SPANCO after sales better than Proton and Perodua after sales?

Meanwhile, with the move towards electric vehicles, will SPANCO invest in electrified workshops and proper staff training to look after government electric vehicles, when they delivered?

Or will SPANCO, just send this high technology complicated electric cars back to their individual distributors for after sales? Lets wait and see what happens.

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