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Honda Shows Two Concept EVs & New Retro-Inspired Logo

Honda shows yet another future electric vehicle concept.

Honda, like most Japanese companies, has been lagging behind in the battery electric vehicle game. They had the charming Honda E hatchback, but that was never achieved a huge sales volume and was recently discontinued. They then decided to partner up with General Motors for affordable EV joint development, but that project was also scrapped late last year. Now we have a preview of Honda’s own next steps in their electrification journey and it starts with… a new “old” logo.

Honda 0 Series with new logo

That’s right, Honda is bringing back the classic unadorned “H” logo from their earlier vehicles specifically for their future battery electric vehicles. It’s unlikely that this will be used for all vehicles though. Anyway, that’s not as important as the actual concept vehicles they showed at CES 2024.

Both these vehicles are parked under the “Honda 0 Series” umbrella. You have the 0 Series Saloon and the 0 Series Space Hub Concept. These don’t look like production ready vehicles, but we won’t be surprised if a production-ready model is shown before next year.

Honda 0 Series Saloon

Honda has designed this EV saloon to have a low height and sporty styling to set it apart from the many rivals that are already launched. It even has gull wing doors and a screen for a grille.

They’re touting more interior space than expected and a simple and intuitive human-machine interface with a seamless user interface.

Technologically, Honda adopted a steer-by-wire for this concept with a yoke and capacitive controls for transmission selection. They also use motion management from Honda’s robotics arm to give maximum control to the driver in every situation. On the sustainability front, this model is made of materials that are low impact. Around back, it’s a very interesting look we get. No clear as to where to boot is, but we like what we see here.

Honda 0 Series Space-Hub Concept

The Honda Space-Hub Concept is an MPV that adopts similar design language to the saloon model You also get a screeen for a grille.

One might have expected seating for 7 in here but Honda instead gave us a HUGE, expansive area in the rear with seats for just 2 passengers. There’s also a border-to-border panoramic glass roof here.

A similar aesthetic to the saloon is found at the rear of this MPV model. There’s no rear glass at all, implying that a camera will serve as the rear view mirror if it goes into production.

Honda tend to be quite practical when it comes to concept vehicles and some of these ideas are decidedly quite wild. Let’s see how they bring this to reality.

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