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Porsche Reports Strong Growth In 2023 and Optimistic Outlook for 2024

Porsche sold over 320,000 cars worldwide last year and aims for expansion.

Porsche, the iconic sports car manufacturer, celebrated a triumphant 2023 fiscal year marked by robust growth and a three percent increase in deliveries, totaling an impressive 320,221 cars. Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, attributes this success to the brand’s enduring desirability and exclusivity, even in the face of global economic uncertainty.

Global Expansion and Market Insights

Porsche’s success story in 2023 was fueled by a well-balanced market distribution, particularly in its largest sales regions. This strategic approach allowed the company to weather economic uncertainties and thrive in diverse markets.

Notably, the Overseas and Emerging Markets sales region experienced a remarkable 16 percent increase in deliveries, underscoring Porsche’s commitment to expanding its global footprint.

Regional Highlights

European and German Markets

In Europe (excluding Germany), Porsche witnessed a 12 percent surge, delivering 70,229 cars. Meanwhile, the German market saw a commendable 10 percent increase, with 32,430 customers taking delivery of new cars.


North America Dominance

North America emerged as Porsche’s largest sales region in 2023, with 86,059 deliveries marking a substantial 9 percent growth.

China’s Economic Challenges

Despite a 15 percent decline in deliveries in China, Porsche remains committed to navigating the challenging economic situation in the region.

Model Performance

911 Reigns Supreme

The iconic Porsche 911 stole the spotlight in 2023, boasting a remarkable 24 percent increase in deliveries, with 50,146 customers worldwide experiencing the thrill of this classic sports car.

Porsche 911 S/T in motion from rear

Taycan’s Electrifying Momentum

The electric Taycan also impressed, achieving double-digit gains with 40,629 customers taking delivery, marking a notable 17 percent increase.

Cayenne’s Evolution

The Cayenne, despite an 8 percent decline in deliveries (87,553), underwent a model change, including the global launch of the new generation and a crucial software update for hybrid models to enhance quality.

Macan Holds Steady

The Macan maintained its position, delivering to 87,355 customers and staying consistent with the previous year’s performance.


Outlook for 2024

As Porsche gears up for 2024, challenges loom on the horizon. Detlev von Platen anticipates a demanding year, marked by significant updates across four out of six model series—the highest number of product launches in a single year. The focus will be on value-oriented growth and maintaining a stable sales level. Moreover, with a proactive approach to the challenging market conditions in China, the company aims to strengthen its presence in the ASEAN markets and uphold its commitment to global excellence.

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