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5th Gen Mini Cooper Will Come With Petrol Power After All

The 5th generation MINI Cooper initially unveiled as a BEV now is shown with petrol power too.

When the 5th generation MINI Cooper was first shown, the brand seemed to be all-in on the electric wave. It looked like both the new Cooper 5 door and Countryman crossover would be electric only to match smart in the compact premium market. Well it turned out the Countryman JCW would be available with ICE power and now the Cooper 5-door hatch has also been shown with 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder petrol engines too.

Powertrain Performance

For the petrol-powered 5th generation MINI Cooper, there are two drive variants. The Cooper S comes with a 204hp, 300Nm 4-cylinder petrol engine which goes from 0-100km/h in 6.6 seconds while the Cooper C gets a 156hp/230Nm of torque 3-cylinder engine which does the century sprint in 7.7 seconds. The Cooper SE JCW in this generation is still electric but is more of a trim level than a performance version in this generation for now.

The suspension and damping systems are designed for agile handling and should be tuned for the different weight balance of the ICE systems. Besides that the 5th gen Cooper looks to be pretty similar whether you buy it with an electric or petrol powertrain. Here’s a recap of what to expect.

5th gen MINI Cooper side profile


Externally, the MINI Cooper exudes cult status with its compact silhouette and contemporary minimalism. Short overhangs and a distinctive grille characterize its iconic proportions, while LED lighting signatures add a touch of modernity. Safety is paramount, with advanced driver assistance systems seamlessly integrated into the design.

Inside the cabin, the MINI Cooper strikes a balance between classic charm and modern innovation. A minimalist dashboard, round OLED display, and intuitive toggle bar pay homage to the brand’s heritage, while cutting-edge features such as the MINI Operating System 9 and Experience Modes elevate the driving experience to new heights.

Digital innovations abound, offering drivers a truly immersive experience behind the wheel. From customizable ambient lighting to the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant, technology seamlessly integrates with the driving environment, providing convenience, safety, and entertainment at your fingertips.

Customization Options

With four trim variants to choose from, drivers can tailor their MINI Cooper to suit their individual style. From exterior paint finishes to interior trims, the possibilities for personalization are endless. Exclusive options such as the Spray-Tech Multitone Roof and aerodynamically optimized rims further enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

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