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Published on February 19th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Audi MEBeco Electric Drive Production Starts In Hungary

Audi has even set up a new production site for the MEBeco platform there

Well, in another “shift to electrification” type move, preparations have begun in Győr for the production of the next generation of electric motors, the MEBeco (Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten, modular electric drive concept), the virtual planning of the production lines is underway for Audi Hungaria. 


What’s more, the first production equipment for the future production of transmission components has arrived at Audi Hungary. The MEBeco project, which is also supported by the Hungarian state, contributes to the preservation of 260 jobs and further strengthens the competitiveness of the Hungarian auto industry during the transition to electromobility.  

Moreover, Robert Buttenhauser, the board member responsible for engine production at Audi Hungaria, said, “Just a few months ago, we successfully started the serial production of our drives for the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) electric platform, and we have already started preparing for the production of the new generation of electric drives, the MEBeco.”


“This also shows how intensively the transformation is taking place at our company. We are constantly preparing our employees for the production of the new engine family, for which we will also need new activities and competencies.” He concluded.

In the future, MEBeco drives will be installed in small electric cars of the Volkswagen Group. A new production area is being created at the company for their production. So does this mean Audi and, by extension, the entire Volkswagen Group going all electric soon in Europe or globally? Not likely but this may be the start.

On top of that, while electrification is gaining traction, many automakers have been forced to admit that maybe the world isn’t fully ready for it as they see many setbacks. Plus, the new electric motor production for Audi will be manufactured at a greater depth of production at Audi Hungaria, which will also require new competences.

These include the plate package for the MEBeco drive which will be mass-produced at the company for the first time, and the rotor of the electric drive, so as an example, the rotor, and the power electronics will also be manufactured in Győr.

Dynamic photo, Colour: Ascari blue metallic

As the world’s largest engine factory, Audi Hungaria produced a total of 1,660,425 engines in 2023, including 114,058 electric drives. This tells us that regardless of what kind of vehicle the brand is producing, then it will still be successful and will be able to always make the brand more than enough money to stay afloat.

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