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Published on February 12th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Even Motorcycle Riders Can Park Badly

Why do some motorcycle riders ‘Park Like An Asshole”?

There is a very popular facebook page called ‘You Park Like An Asshole” and we do enjoy following the almost daily posts in it. We think it is a great idea to somewhat educate Malaysians to park properly with the worry that some day a smartphone user will capture their parking mishap and make them famous on social media.

We have actually seen cars owned by people we know being photographed and posted on the You Park Like An Assholefacebook page and have shared the posts with them and they all, in one way or another have come back with a reason or excuse on what happened and it always seems a little far fetched. However, the point was made and we are sure they will be more disciplined the next time they park anywhere.


Now, lately we have seen many postings of motorcycle riders parking “Like An Asshole” and we noticed that in most cases these motorcycle owners do not give two hoots what anyone says or shares on Facebook. They seem to be ‘above’ common sense and decency in some ways. Are we wrong to think this way?

Then came our very own experience this week when we had to park our Vespa in a very tight space because a motorcycle rider decided to park without any consideration for other riders.

Making this rider famous is not our intention but instead we hope that this article will send a message to motorcyclists like this person to park properly.

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