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Published on February 27th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Fatal Accident In Perak Leaves Child Dead And Several Seriously Injured

This fatal Perak accident also involved at least four vehicles and left many injured

We have received news of a fatal accident that has killed a child on Gerik-Lenggong road, after Selat Pagar Stop, around 3.30 pm this afternoon. It is said that several victims were seriously injured and the condition of the rest of the victims is not confirmed. As of now, it is still unclear how many were injured or how badly but it seems only the child was killed, sadly.


This incident on the stretch of road is a gruesome one and involves at least four vehicles. The main two of which are a Toyota Hilux pickup truck and what appears to be an SUV with its front smashed in so badly that it is hard to make out the make and model of the vehicle. There is also a black MPV that looks like a Perodua Alza and a silver Toyota Sienta involved.

Moreover, the latter 2 vehicles do not seem to be in as bad shape as the former 2 vehicles but they are still damaged quite badly, nonetheless. The main collision involving the first two vehicles left not only the grey SUV unrecognisable but also saw the front end of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck smashed in with its wheel bent at an angle.


Clearly the two vehicles likely collided head on and at a decently high speed as well, by the looks of the aftermath of the accident and unfortunately, the child involved is the only one confirmed to have paid with their life. Accidents like this happen, we covered one not too long ago too, and it is always a tragic day when a child loses their life in any accident.

On top of that, the remaining victims were confirmed to have been injured to various degrees and thankfully, no one else was killed here. If ever our readers here at DSF needed a reason to wear their seatbelts and encourage everyone in their cars to do the same, this would be it. I don’t want to speculate but given no one else was killed, it is likely the child wasn’t wearing their seatbelt.

Remember to always drive safely, obey the traffic laws, wear your seatbelt and be alert while on the road as even if you do everything right, there is always someone who is not paying attention on the road who may cause accidents like this so one can never be too careful.

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