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Published on March 5th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


BYD Seagull Debuts In Brazil And Mexico As Dolphin Mini, ASEAN When?

Will the BYD Seagull arrive as is or will it be rebranded to Dolphin Mini too?

BYD is riding the new wave of e-mobility with the launch of the BYD Dolphin Mini in Brazil and Mexico. The funny thing about this is that this is actually a pre-existing model in China known as the BYD Seagull, the smaller sibling to the Dolphin series. So why the name change there and will this also be the case when it launches in Asia?


BYD, the trailblazer it is, is transforming urban travel with innovative technology, high energy efficiency, and playful design. This we know, however, in another unusual move which is not unusual for Chinese automakers, the electric vehicle (EV) brand has renamed one of its models for an international market. Why though?

Moreover, now that the BYD Dolphin Mini (or Seagull, whichever you prefer) has officially been launched in Brazil and Mexico, we ask, when exactly will it be launched here in Malaysia and in other ASEAN markets in general? After all, smaller compact cars tend to do well in our country so this car is sure to be a sales success.


It should also be noted that BYD already has established itself as a successful and desirable EV brand here in Malaysia and already has 3 models on sale here as it is, namely, the popular Atto 3 SUV, followed by the Dolphin hatchback (not Mini) and recently, the very well received and highly anticipated Seal sedan.

On top of that, BYD had also recently dethroned American EV automaker, Tesla, as the number 1 EV exporter in the world so there is no time like the present to capitalise on this success and push for its products to go full swing. However, given that the Seal was only recently launched, the Seagull (or Dolphin Mini) is likely a long ways away.


Still, I personally think that BYD will not wait very long before it gives us the Seagull, but I do not think it will be called the Dolphin Mini here in Malaysia and likely all other ASEAN countries as well to avoid confusion. Or maybe they will throw caution to the wind and change the name anyway, what do you think?

Well, I still think it is much smarter to retain the Seagull name but whatever BYD decides to do, the car will see significant sales anyway just like the other models from the brand on sale here in the country.

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