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Published on March 6th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


JPJ Launches E Testing For Driving Schools, 3 Schools Chosen For Preliminary Trials

The JPJ E Testing allows driving students to take their test without JPJ officers present

Well, well, well, it would appear that the advent of online classes due to the not so recent Covid-19 pandemic have led to more people wanting to take even more exams without any invigilators present. What am I referring to? Well, JPJ has announced it will begin preliminary trials of its E Testing for driving school tests.

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What exactly is the E Testing? Well, as I had implied previously, it is a driving test that driving students can take without the JPJ officer being present. I fear for the future of our roads now. Not because I hate advancement, but because this will allow for more people to choose the dishonest route and cheat on these tests to get their driving licences.

Moreover, JPJ has also announced that it has begun preliminary testing for this E Testing and has selected three driving schools to be the guinea pigs for this testing and the three driving institutes that have been selected are Surfine Hitech, Berjaya Driving Training Center in Ulu Tiram, Johor, and Lima Bintang Abadi school in Penang. 


Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, also said that under the new system, candidates’ performance will be assessed using sensors and cameras which generate real-time results. Driving schools may impose a maximum charge of RM100 for candidates who opt for eTesting, he added. Is an extra RM100 really worth the chance to cheat for you? I don’t think so.

On top of that, E Testing candidates will receive benefits, including the opportunity to retake failed test elements on the same day at no extra charge. They will also be given priority in the test scheduling list and receive a RM10 rebate for the issuance of provisional licences. Loke clarified that candidates still have the option to undergo manual or eTesting. 

He said that this new system can cater to up to 150 candidates in a day, with only two JPJ officers required to monitor the system in the control room. This will definitely help JPJ officers in the long run and give them less work. However, like I had previously stated, it will allow for some students to get creative and cheat which could lead to accidents.


Well, Anthony Loke mentioned that the JPJ E Testing system will also put an end to the sale of ‘guarantee pass’ packages or licences without proper testing, but I am not so sure, what do you guys think?

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