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Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Is A New Electric Wagon For Europe

The Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer could just be the electric wagon some local enthusiasts are waiting for.

It’s no secret that Volkswagen is diverting resources away from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles like the Passat and Arteon to focus on their expanding EV lineup. And what will replace these larger cars? Well, the ID.7 of course.

Today, a more practical variant of this model was shown, the ID.7 Tourer. It’s a station wagon, so we doubt there’s much of a market for it here outside of the enthusiast space. In Europe, however, it will serve well as a replacement or alternative to the Passat Variant.

The ID.7’s headlining feature is its impressive WLTP range of up to 685km. This is achieved with a combination of Volkswagen’t latest generation electric drive system and an extra large battery size option. This larger battery can take on up to 200kW DC fast charging, allowing a 10-80% charge up to happen in under 30 minutes.

Pair this impressive range and charging ability to its new bodystyle and you have yourself one of the most practical EVs on the market. The long roofline combines the traditional estate shape with the dynamic shooting brake for a nice blend of space and elegance. The luggage compartment is huge, able to store up to 605L even with the rear seats in use. Fold them down and you have a 1,714L cargo area.

Being one of the more expensive models in the lineup, the ID.7 Tourer will be fitted with quite a bit of kit including an augmented-reality heads up display, ergoActive seats with pressure-point massage, auto air conditioning, a panoramic sunroof with electrochromic glass, a Wellness In-Car app, ID.Light and more.

While we’re fairly certain this won’t make it to the Malaysian market but it does look like one of the more interesting EV options out there. Even in Europe, there are only a handful of electric wagons already in circulation. We’re sure Audi and Volvo will soon add to the mix, but for now it’s Volkswagen further plugging this gap in the segment.

Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer from the rear

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