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Published on April 13th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW i7 Electric Sedan Crashes On DUKE Highway Killing Driver

Are electric cars like the BMW i7 are just too powerful and should be detuned as soon as possible

This is not the first fatal accident involving a young driver in an electric car. The selling point of electric cars in Malaysia have been focused primarily on how fast they accelerate and how ‘mind blowing’ their mid-range torque is over an internal combustion engine (ICE) powered car.

Even seasoned car drivers moving from a sedate mild mannered ICE car to a simple electric car remark about ‘entertaining’ acceleration (anything around and below sub 6.5 seconds is insane for a luxury sedan, SUV or crossover) and torque of their shiny new electric cars.

Visit any electric car showroom and the sales pitch will move towards the acceleration, top speed and less on emission free motoring and ‘saving the earth’.

Now we hear very sad news about a young man, just 19-years old who lost his life along the DUKE highway at about 2.15am when the BMW i7 super luxury sedan (he was driving) with a multitude of high safety features lost control, caught fire and burnt completely. The one female passenger in the car is currently in critical condition in hospital and the parents of the 19-year old now have to bury their child.

This is something NO parent wants to do and we can understand some part of their grief as we have a 19-year old son (he will be given a slow ICE car to drive).

Here below is the statement from the Fire Department which was shared by BFM news team.

 “The fire involved a BMW i7 car & was found to be 100% burned,” says Fire Brigade Commanding Officer II Mohd Anuar. Passersby to the incident alerted the fire & rescue department and proceeded to pull both injured victims from the burning wreckage. “When the team arrived at the scene, an adult male had been pronounced dead by the medical first aiders. His friend was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance,” said City Fire & Rescue spokesperson. The reason behind the fire is under investigation.

Picture from Sinar Harian

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