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Published on April 29th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Chery Malaysia Releases Statement Regarding Omoda 5 Rear Axle Incident

Chery Malaysia assures its customers that the Omoda 5 is safe, but is this true?

So by now, I am certain that we are all aware of the horrific incident of the Chery Omoda 5 which saw its rear axle somehow come loose and cause the car to no longer be in driving condition. This too, while the owner was driving it. To make matters worse, not too long ago, another “issue” plagued this same model as well.

Chery Omoda 5

Yes, I am, of course, referring to the incident of the Chery Omoda 5 which the owner claimed the brakes were not working. Both are serious issues and if these incidents are both true, then it does not bode well for Chery Malaysia at all. However, Chery Malaysia, was quick to respond and rectify both cases.

Moreover, Chery Malaysia assures its Malaysian customers that its products here are completely safe and are held to the highest standards the brand imposes. As such, it has released the following statement. “Chery Auto Malaysia is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation solutions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our vehicles meet the highest safety standards.

We wish to provide an update on the recent matter regarding the axle of an Omoda 5 vehicle. Chery Auto Malaysia has contacted and is in communication with the customer. The vehicle has been brought to our service centre for a thorough inspection and investigation.

As a proactive measure and in line with our safety protocols, Chery Auto Malaysia is currently reaching out to the affected customers. For additional peace of mind, all customers who are concerned can book an appointment at their nearest service centre for a thorough inspection, all inspected vehicles will receive a full report.

In addition, and for added assurance to all Chery and Omoda customers who may have questions, the Chery Malaysia Customer Careline can be contacted at +603- 2771 7070.

Our sincere thanks to our customers and followers for your patience. We are committed to transparency and assure you of our unwavering dedication to quality and satisfaction.”

Omoda 5

So there you have it, however, how much of what Chery Malaysia says here is true? Also why are all these issues only plaguing the Omoda 5 model while there have been no significant problems for the bigger Tiggo 8 Pro SUV here in Malaysia? Is this a Malaysian exclusive problem with the Omoda 5?

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