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Published on April 29th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Chery Omoda 5 Owner Calmly Shares Her Issue On Social Media

Here is a very recent issue with a Chery Omoda 5 and the owner has shared her experience on social media in a calm and professional manner.

From Chery Omoda 5 owner Stephanie.

“Hi Chery Malaysia, I would like an explanation as to why my back axle snapped clean off while driving. No bumps, no accidents, no potholes, just sudden failure in the middle of the road. Also, why does it look like there are only 2 weld points instead of all the way round, allowing what seems to be like rust to eat away at the joint and cause it to spontaneously fall off?

I’m no car expert so I won’t speculate further, but perhaps you can get your experts and Puspakom to look at it and let me know what went wrong, as well as what are the next steps you’d like to take. We were quite lucky that it happened when we slowed down to go round a bend; I shudder to think what would happen to me and my 3 friends in the car had the axle snapped at high speed on the highway, which we just exited not even 5 minutes prior.

Hoping to hear back from you soon, as I am now stranded without a car and waiting for a kind tow truck service to pick up on a Sunday so I can remove my vehicle from the middle of the road. Thanks.”

Chery Omoda 5

Latest update from Stephanie. “The above-mentioned Chery Omoda 5 has been towed to Balakong service centre pending a full investigation from Chery. A salesman from this branch informed me that this is the second case and that the first was “quickly and easily resolved” and not to worry as they will settle it for me. Unsure if this is fact or he was trying to placate me.

A courtesy car was offered but I declined. Also added front and back dash cam footage which shows road conditions and driving speed. I won’t be making further statements until the results are out. Thanks all for your concern”.

The OMODA 5, is Chery’s first global car, developed based on market research from thousands of surveys conducted in numerous countries worldwide. Chery’s deepening presence in Malaysia marks a new stage of its internationalization process, further accelerating its global expansion.

So, will issues like this and other cropping up from many other car manufacturer jump start “Lemon Law” in Malaysia. In case you did not know this.

A ‘Lemon Car’ is defined as a car that has returned to the workshop at least 3 times for the same problems (safety or otherwise) and cannot be fixed at the dealership (by manufacturer) despite repeated attempts.

The car manufacturer (parent/factory/headquarters) via the Malaysian dealer is obliged by law to buy back the defective car, reimburse the buyer on his monetary loss (usage, depreciation, even legal fees if it goes to court).

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