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Published on April 22nd, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Volvo And CATL To Turn Old EV Batteries Into New Ones

Will Volvo and CATL finally be able to make EV batteries more sustainable now? 

Volvo and CATL have announced an innovative partnership aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of electric vehicles, signalling a significant step towards sustainability in the automotive industry. Will this finally be the change we need to see electric vehicles (EVs) and their batteries finally be truly environmentally friendly?


In response to the burgeoning demand for EVs and the inevitable retirement of many batteries, Volvo is spearheading an ambitious initiative. Through collaboration with CATL, the renowned battery manufacturer, the Swedish automaker is committed to the meticulous recycling of old and discarded EV batteries.

Moreover, this groundbreaking partnership entails Volvo suppliers disassembling the batteries with precision, ensuring that over 90 percent of the crucial materials such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, and others are reclaimed and repurposed. This will have a big impact on the environment as mining for these elements tends to have negative environmental impacts.

CATL, leveraging its expertise and advanced technologies, will then utilise these reclaimed materials to craft cutting-edge EV batteries, poised to power Volvo’s forthcoming electric car models. This is sure to help the brand a lot since it is pushing hard for more fully electric models and is working on more even now.

On top of that, the symbiotic relationship between Volvo and CATL dates back to 2019 when they inked a long-term agreement aimed at furnishing batteries for electric Volvo and Polestar vehicles. Notably, Volvo has set ambitious environmental targets, with the aspiration to slash CO2 emissions per average vehicle by a staggering 75 percent by the year 2030.

Encouragingly, the company’s 2023 annual report unveiled a commendable milestone, showcasing a 20 percent reduction in average CO2 emissions per vehicle compared to the 2018 baseline. This shows that the brand is not only committed to its goals but also is doing everything it can on all fronts to ensure it reaches this goal as quickly as possible.

What’s more, this trajectory also underscores Volvo’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and underscores the efficacy of collaborative efforts like the one with CATL in fostering a greener automotive landscape. Let’s see how quickly and effectively the two brands can manage to reach their goals and I hope they achieve them soon.

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