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Published on May 29th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Allianz General Reminds Drivers To Add-On Special Perils Amidst Tree Fall Incidences

Protect your car from falling trees with Allianz Special Perils Insurance

City landscaping and lush trees, though a beloved feature of many Malaysian locales, have recently become a source of concern for residents in the Klang Valley. Incidents of tree falls, particularly during thunderstorms, have led to significant property damage, with numerous reports of vehicles being severely damaged by toppled trees. 


These occurrences have understandably put the public on high alert, so what is the solution? Well, aside from hoping that it does not happen to you, the precaution to take would be to add special perils insurance to your plan.

Moreover, Sean Wang, CEO of Allianz General, underscores the importance of ensuring that Special Perils coverage is included in Private Car Comprehensive insurance policies to protect against tree-fall damage resulting from storms and tempests. 


He said, “Thunderstorms, tempests, and the resulting floods can strike at any time of the year. These events are no longer confined to the monsoon season. The destruction they can cause is extensive, as we’ve seen with the recent incidents of tree falls that have effectively totaled many cars.”

On top of that, Wang emphasised the critical nature of having Special Perils coverage, highlighting that without it, individuals may face the daunting prospect of bearing the full financial brunt of such natural disasters. “This is really the worst-case scenario. Your asset is gone, but you may still have to continue your hire purchase instalment with the bank.” 

He concluded by saying, “Ensuring you have Special Perils coverage is essential these days. For a relatively small additional fee, you are protected against a variety of natural disasters, including floods, typhoons, tempests, landslides, and other convulsions of nature.”


In addition to recommending Special Perils coverage, Allianz General urges the public to secure Personal Accident insurance. This coverage is crucial for protecting against bodily injuries, disabilities, or death resulting from accidents. Personal Accident insurance provides peace of mind by ensuring that individuals and their families are financially protected in the event of unforeseen accidents.

Wang also encouraged Malaysians to take proactive steps in safeguarding their assets and well-being, stating, “If you wish to add on Special Perils or purchase Personal Accident insurance, contact your servicing agent. These measures are not just about compliance; they are about ensuring you are adequately protected against the unpredictable nature of weather and accidents.”


By taking these precautions, Malaysians can mitigate the financial and emotional toll of natural disasters and accidents, ensuring they remain resilient in the face of unexpected challenges, so be sure to add special perils insurance for your car and keep it safe today.

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