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Audi RS4 Avant Edition 25 years: A Stunning Tribute To Performance Legacy

The Audi RS4 Avant Edition 25 years arrives in time for wagon Wednesday.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic RS4 model line, Audi has unveiled a truly special edition – the Audi RS4 Avant edition 25 years. This limited-run masterpiece pays homage to the legendary Audi RS4 Sport from 2001, combining raw power, precision engineering, and exclusive design elements.

Under the hood, the RS4 Avant edition 25 years packs a potent punch with its 2.9-liter V6 biturbo engine, delivering a staggering 470 PS – a 20 PS increase over the standard RS4 Avant. This power translates into breathtaking performance, propelling the vehicle from 0 to 100km/h in a blistering 3.7 seconds, making it one of the quickest wagons on the market.

But raw power is just the beginning. Audi’s engineers have meticulously fine-tuned the suspension system, lowering the ride height by 10 millimeters and increasing the negative camber on the front axle to two degrees. Stiffer control arms and a firmly fixed rear subframe ensure precise handling and unparalleled cornering stability, allowing you to push the limits on the track or the open road.

To complement its exceptional performance, the RS4 Avant edition 25 years comes equipped with two exclusive sets of 20-inch alloy wheels. The first set features Pirelli P Zero Corsa high-performance tires, designed to deliver exceptional grip and stability on the road. The second set, adorned with semi-slick Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires, is purpose-built for the racetrack, providing uncompromising traction and lateral grip.

Paying homage to the iconic Imola Yellow color of the 2001 RS4 Sport, the edition 25 years boasts a striking exterior design that commands attention. Black trim accents, tinted sun protection glazing, and glossy black Audi rings add to the aggressive yet elegant aesthetic. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an interior that exudes sportiness, with yellow contrast stitching, Alcantara accents, and RS bucket seats with honeycomb stitching.

Limited to just 250 individually numbered units, the Audi RS4 Avant edition 25 years is a true collector’s item. Buyers will also receive exclusive extras, such as racetrack gloves designed by Alpinestars and the option to purchase an Audi exclusive flat-bottom suede steering wheel with yellow stitching.

As if the vehicle itself weren’t enough, Audi is also offering a limited edition Chronograph RS4 Avant edition 25 years watch, featuring a carbon dial, yellow accents, and design cues that mirror the special edition car.

Audi RS4 Avant in motion

For those seeking the ultimate combination of performance, exclusivity, and heritage, the Audi RS4 Avant edition 25 years is a masterpiece that demands attention. With its powerful engine, precision-tuned suspension, and stunning design, this limited-edition wagon is sure to leave a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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