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Bugatti Unveils Exclusive Chiron ‘L’Ultime’ – The Final 500th Masterpiece

The Bugatti Chiron ‘L’Ultime’ becomes the 500th and final model of its kind.

Bugatti has taken the wraps off the breathtaking Chiron ‘L’Ultime’, the final 500th example of its iconic W16 hyper sports car. This bespoke Super Sport model marks the end of an era for the Chiron, celebrating its record-breaking performance and exquisite craftsmanship over the past eight years.

L’Ultime: A Bespoke Farewell to the Legendary Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron instantly rewrote the rules for production car performance when it debuted in 2016. As the first roadgoing hypercar to produce over 1,500 PS and exceed 300 mph, it achieved feats previously thought impossible.

For the 500th and final Chiron example, Bugatti’s team of master artisans has crafted a true masterpiece, the ‘L’Ultime’ Super Sport. This vibrant, one-off creation pays homage to the Chiron’s unparalleled capabilities and its landmark achievements over the past eight years.

Stunning, Fading ‘French Racing Blue’ and ‘Atlantic Blue’ Exterior

The Chiron L’Ultime’s stunning exterior seamlessly blends ‘French Racing Blue’ and ‘Atlantic Blue’ painted surfaces in a mesmerizing fading color scheme. A sweeping polished aluminum C-line elegantly intersects the two iconic Bugatti colors.

Accentuating the visuals are colored wheels that mirror the front and rear shades, a bespoke ‘bullet speed’ inspired design signifying the Chiron’s blur of motion at over 300 mph, and a special blue Bugatti ‘macaron’ grille emblem.

Highlighting the Chiron’s momentous journey are hand-written locations and events that built its legend, adorning the bodywork. From its Geneva show debut to record-setting top speed runs, each milestone is immortalized on this rolling automotive monument.

Exclusive Cabin Blends Luxury and Performance

Inside, the L’Ultime’s cabin exudes the highest levels of Bugatti craftsmanship. ‘Deep Blue’ hand-woven leather and ‘Blue Carbon Matt’ finishes fuse modern technology with traditional artistry. Touches of iconic ‘French Racing Blue’ connect the exterior aesthetic.

The engraved ‘500’ script appears on the engine cover, wheels, and rear wing, signifying the Chiron’s limited production run and enduring legacy. Bugatti has created just 500 of these hyper sports car masterpieces, inspired by founder Ettore Bugatti‘s original vision over 115 years ago.

Chiron L’Ultime: The Ultimate Farewell to Automotive Royalty

As Bugatti embarks on an all-new era, likely centered around electrification, the Chiron L’Ultime stands as a defiant celebration of the internal combustion engine’s performance potential at the absolute pinnacle.

Bugatti Chiron final L Ultime edition

This final, bespoke expression of the Chiron’s sensational pace, luxury, and exquisite craftsmanship solidifies its rightful place as an enduring automotive icon. While the torch passes to the next chapter, the Bugatti Chiron’s legend is forever cemented by the remarkable L’Ultime.

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