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Published on May 20th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia (FOCM) Sets A New Record Putting Us On The Map

Over 297 Ferraris gathered at the FOCM festival setting this new record

Ferrari enthusiasts from all corners of Malaysia and beyond gathered at the KL Base in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 18 May 2024, for an unforgettable celebration at the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia (FOCM) Festival. This prestigious event attracted over 600 guests who joined in the revelry, united by their shared passion for the iconic Italian marque.


The festival showcased a stunning display of 297 Ferrari cars, representing a spectrum of the brand’s illustrious history. From the classic Ferrari Dino to the cutting-edge Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, the event offered attendees a rare opportunity to witness a comprehensive collection of Ferrari’s most celebrated models. 

Moreover, the Ferrari Classiche Exhibition was a highlight, featuring timeless models such as the Ferrari 308 GTS, Ferrari 328 GTB, and Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the brand. A pivotal moment of the festival was the official count of the 297 Ferrari cars, conducted by representatives from the Malaysian Book of Records. 


This count confirmed the breaking of the previous record for the largest gathering of Ferraris at a single event. The achievement was a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Ferrari community in Malaysia. Mr. Abu Rizal Bakri, President of Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia, and Mr. Zahir Kelvin Ong, Executive Director of Ital Auto Malaysia, proudly accepted the accolade from the Malaysia Book of Records, marking a historic milestone for the club.

On top of that, as the day transitioned into evening, the excitement continued to build. The festival reached its crescendo with a captivating performance by renowned DJ Soda, who was specially flown in to entertain the guests. Her electrifying set ensured that the event concluded on an exhilarating and memorable note, leaving attendees with an unforgettable experience.


The FOCM Festival was not only a celebration of Ferrari’s legacy but also a showcase of the strong and vibrant Ferrari community in Malaysia. The event highlighted the passion and camaraderie among Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, fostering a sense of unity and pride. The successful gathering demonstrated the club’s commitment to promoting the Ferrari brand and providing its members with extraordinary experiences.


In short, the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia Festival on 18 May 2024, was a resounding success, setting a new record for the largest assembly of Ferraris in Malaysia. The event was a remarkable celebration of automotive excellence, community spirit, and the enduring allure of Ferrari, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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