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Published on May 22nd, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


GAC Aion Y Plus Launched From RM119,800 At Malaysia Autoshow 2024

WTCA touts the new GAC Aion Y Plus as ‘your new plus one,’ will it be yours?

The new GAC Aion Y Plus is certainly not a new car in Malaysia by any means, but it has not been launched until very recently so it technically is a new vehicle here and to add to its appeal (to the more eco conscious, anyway), this car is fully electric, so yes, it is an electric vehicle (EV) with a very cool gimmick as well.

What is this gimmick, you ask? Well, the driver seat can be reclined almost flat so when the headrest is removed, the driver seat can be then reclined fully to turn the rear seat into a bed. Pretty cool, right? So now if rent is due and you can’t cough it up, you can confidently sleep in your car. The GAC Aion Y Plus retails in two variants in Malaysia, namely the Elite and Premium which cost RM119,800 and RM135,800 respectively.


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