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Published on May 6th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Lamborghini Opens Accounts On 2 Continents With Victory In Italian GT And Super GT

Lamborghini is proving its motorsports superiority on multiple fronts

Lamborghini made a powerful start in the Italian GT Championship with Mattia Michelotto and Gilles Stadsbader from VS Racing securing a commanding victory at Misano Adriatico. The duo dominated the Sprint Cup opener by clinching pole position, setting the fastest lap, and ultimately taking the chequered flag in their #66 Huracán GT3 EVO 2. 


Michelotto’s exceptional qualifying performance was instrumental in giving them a significant advantage right from the start. He led the race, steadily building a substantial lead before Stadsbader took over following the pit stops. Stadsbader skillfully maintained their lead despite fierce competition from a Ferrari, marking their maiden GT3 triumph together.

Moreover, in the Super GT event at Fuji, JLOC’s Yuya Motojima and Takashi Kogure secured a convincing victory in their #88 Huracán. Motojima’s strong start enabled them to establish a 15-second lead early in the race. They executed their stints flawlessly, maintaining a consistent pace and crossing the finish line with a comfortable 17-second lead after Kogure’s stint. 


This win marked Lamborghini’s third triumph in Super GT and propelled Motojima and Kogure to second place in the championship standings. The Iron Dames achieved a significant milestone by securing a podium finish in the Michelin Le Mans Cup at Paul Ricard, with Karen Gaillard and Célia Martin taking second place, which was Lamborghini’s inaugural podium in the series. 

On top of that, in the European Le Mans Series race, Iron Lynx secured another second-place finish. Looking ahead, the next round of the Italian GT Championship will be at Imola, while the Super GT series will head to Suzuka in June. This not only proves the motorsports dominance that Lamborghini has and on more than one track at that.


Reflecting on their success, Mattia Michelotto also expressed satisfaction with their strong start, highlighting the importance of beginning the season with a victory for sustaining motivation. Gilles Stadsbader celebrated his maiden GT3 victory, commending Michelotto’s outstanding performance and emphasising their collective focus on safely navigating the race.


Lamborghini’s early-season triumphs have positioned them strongly in both championships, setting the stage for exhilarating races and intense competition in the races to come. Stay tuned to these races for the most exciting driving on any track with the world’s most entertaining Italian style icon leading the way.

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