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Published on May 5th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


UPDATE No Electric Car At All At The Schneider Electric Charging Park

Looks like we still have a long way to go with educating Malaysians on public electric car charging space and more.

So, we get an email this morning, May 7th 2024, from the PR team informing us that the Schneider EV charging points will only start working in Q2 this year. Thats why there are petrol powered cars parked at the EV charging bays. Hmmmm we are now in Q2? Today is May 7th? Maybe we should wait until 1st July 2024 to see what happens.

We still see drivers of petrol powered cars parking in electric car charging bays and not being bothered by the CLEAR and DEFINED signage’s which means, they just do not care. It is the same with disable parking spots. Years on and we still have ‘jokers’ parking without a care.

Let us not forget the many inconsiderate drivers who continue to double park and walk away and do not care about the people they block.

Then there are dozens of electric car charging bays that are not maintained and even after social media posts, there is little done by the management in charge. The urgency is just not there.

Let us not forget the many government and state buildings who have ‘broken down’ charging bays that have been left idle. Why? Well the people in high office drive petrol powered vehicles and they also see no reason to ‘push’ for these charging stations to be operational.

Let’s not forget the electric car driver who parks in an EV charging bay …….. but does not charge their electric car (pictured below). Just use the parking spot because it is close to the mall entrance.

selfish electric car owners

So, what will happen with Perodua and Proton release their electric cars which are targeted for the lower and middle class Malaysian?

These car will need to be charged and with ICE drivers ‘hogging’ the space, what will more and more electric car drivers do when it is time to ‘juice up’!

Also………Schneider Electric and JusEV entered into an agreement to install over 100 chargers, with 10 percent being DC fast chargers, in both private and commercial buildings by the end of 2024. Will it really happen or is it just a public relations statement like what we have heard in the past year from many EV charging providers and even private car importers who make strong claims to provide EV charging infrastructure.

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