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Published on May 21st, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Perodua Unveils First Working EV Prototype, The Myvi Conversion EM01

Perodua showed us what the future Perodua Myvi EV looks like with the EM01 conversion.

While the Perodua Myvi has long been the king of our Malaysian roads, pretty much since its debut, no empire remains dominant for long, just ask Augustus Caesar. Naturally, for anything to remain successful, it needs to adapt, change with the times and be flexible. Well, now since electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming all the rage and rendering combustion engines all but a relic, the Perodua Myvi once again proves why it is king and adapts as the eM01.

Perodua Myvi EV em01

At the Malaysia Autoshow 2024, Perodua showed off a concept car (Perodua Myvi) complete with a working model of its EV powertrain which replaces the combustion engine powering the electric motors making this concept Myvi a FWD car.

Perodua explained that the eM01 was a ground up conversion done in collaboration EV North who was contracted to support Perodua in High Voltage Battery Pack Management, Battery Management System Settings, and to ensure safety and compliance.

The vehicle is drivable, can take 4 occupants, has a weight of 1400kg and a targetted range of 400km. Powering this electrified Myvi is a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor capable of 120kW and 315Nm of torque. The battery is a 57.6kWh lithium ion cell with a LiFePo cathode. It is charged via a CCS2 socket with 11kW AC and 50kW DC fast charging capability.

12 Perodua engineers were selected for the project and a budget of RM2 million was allocated. An EV Bench Project seen below was also done in collaboration with University Tenaga Nasional, University Kuala Lumpur and University Putra Malaysia to assist Perodua in understanding EV systems from the ground up including hardware and coding aspects.

Perhaps this will lay the ground work for official Myvi conversion projects in the future. Perodua says their own mass produced EV will be done in collaboration with a technical partner and will likely not just be a Myvi with an EV powertrain.

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