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Published on June 21st, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


26 Year Old Spends RM5,950 Monthly On New Bike On A RM6k Salary. How?

Here is my perspective of how this 26 year old managed to get this bike in the first place

So, this is yet another piece of news that is utterly shocking so be prepared to be confused. This time around on planet weird, a 26 year old Malaysian earning RM6,000 a month purchased a BMW bike costing RM129,500 and carries a monthly payment of RM5,950. So how exactly did the bank approve this loan?


Well, that is very hard to explain as we do not know what he said to the bank for this result but according to the numbers, it appears this man would only be left with RM50 every month. Well, at least at first glance it would seem like that, however, given that we need to contribute a portion of our salary to EPF and SOCSO, it is likely his payment does not even cover the bike loan.

Moreover, we have seen similar things happen before, but never to this extreme of a level. So obviously, this man would have had some other form of income or perhaps getting support from his parents which perhaps stopped when he got the bike. If this is not the case perhaps he was getting some under the table money instead or this may just be clickbait from sensational news.


So which one of the above is true? Well, it could be more than one or none of them at all and frankly, this is not really something anyone should concern themselves with. Obviously, this man should have had the common sense to know that he would not be able to afford the bike but chose to buy it anyway. He should face the consequences of his poor choices.

The rest of you reading this need only take one thing away from all this and that is to always be smart with your money. Honestly, the 26 year old gets no sympathy from me if this story is indeed true as most 26 year olds in this country don’t even earn half as much as this man. I would know so clearly, many of us have bigger problems to deal with.


Plus, it has been reported that some 1,200 vehicles are being repossessed every month as a result of owners failing to repay their bank loans so many of us are clearly choosing poorly. Well, of course the current economy isn’t the best but ultimately, if one makes a choice, they need to face the consequences of these choices.

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