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How Many Cars Were Actually Launched At The Malaysia Autoshow 2024

Late last month, the Malaysia Autoshow 2024 was held at MAEPS, Serdang. We attended the event and provided coverage where we felt it was necessary, but a few things really stood out. Participation was healthy, with many brands taking up floor space and treating the autoshow primarily as a sales event.

We attended the event and provided coverage where we felt it was necessary, but a few things really stood out.

Different Levels Of Participation

The event’s diamond sponsor seemed to be BMW Group, who used the main stage to kick off the Autoshow with a slew of car and bike “launched”. While I’m sure every autoshow has different packages at different prices, it was our first time seeing one particular brand having such a huge amount of privilege and presence over its rivals.

Strangely enough, BMW Group isn’t even listed a sponsor. Perodua was the Platinum sponsor and their booth wasn’t that big, plus it was tucked away 2 halls down from BMW’s.


Meanwhile Mercedes-Benz was absent this year having participated last year. Also not seen were Mazda, Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Volvo Cars, Isuzu (unless we walked by and missed them).

Sheer Lack Of Actual Car Launches

While we were being ferried from one car manufacturer’s booth to another, most were simply previewing upcoming cars and some were showing cars that would never see the light of day here. In fact, if we’re not mistaken only three cars were ACTUALLY launched at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024 – the Peugeot Landtrek SE, the Neta X and the GAC Aion Y Plus.


Many vehicles were introduced but not given final pricing – more of an ‘open for booking’ than actual launch. This includes the BMW 520i, i5 M60, and MINI Countryman JCW – which all got estimated pricing at the time. Tesla and BYD showed no new vehicles but flexed their muscles with a public display of the oversized Cybertruck and Fang Cheng Bao 5.

Porsche had nothing new, smart previewed the #3 but it wasn’t a launch. Nothing new at the Mitsubishi Motors booth, a preview of e-Power at Nissan’s booth but no launch, GWM talked about existing products, Chery signed something that was not explained to the media, Jaecoo previewed the J6 but still hasn’t launched anything in Malaysia, Perodua showed some EV conversion and said that the production EV would be completely different. Proton showed an S70 R3 that will never be sold to the public. Jetour showed two new cars but did not launch them. Nothing new from Hyundai or MG either. Stellantis was out in full force with Citroen, Peugeot, and Leapmotor products. They were one of the two participants with a car launch but their Landtrek SE felt more like an update on the existing model than an all-new car launch.

In fact the only 2 Malaysia Autoshow 2024 all-new car launches were the GAC AION Y Plus EV and the Neta X. Both EVs that don’t require custom incentives from MARii for special pricing as all CBU EVs get to come and be sold without excise duties or import taxes.

Neta x launch at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024

MARii Autoshow?

MARii was the main organizer of the Autoshow and at every booth, a top MARii executive had a photo op with the car bosses and was handed a souvenir. I strikes us as a bit suspicious that car companies have to pay a government agency like MARii to participate in their event and this same agency that determines the customized incentives that are key to car pricing in Malaysia.

This whole event was organized just 4 months after MARii’s previous CEO Madani Sahari was charged with 17 counts of misappropriating company funds. The Ministry of Trade and Industry continues to allow MARii to operate and have sway over the Malaysian automotive industry and we hope this has not been the reason why so many brands felt compelled to participate. We hope the government paid close attention to the way the 2024 Malaysia Autoshow was run and financed.

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