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Published on June 11th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


JAC Motors Sees Its 300,000th T-Series Pickup Truck Roll Off The Production Line

JAC Motors celebrates this as a significant milestone on its 60th anniversary

As JAC Motors celebrates its 60th anniversary, the renowned Chinese manufacturer has reached a remarkable milestone with the completion of its 300,000th T-Series double-cab pickup truck at its state-of-the-art production facility in Yangzhou, China. 


This achievement not only underscores the sheer magnitude of production but also serves as a poignant testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation and its ambitious global expansion endeavours and is another reason why the pickup truck is booming in China right now.

Moreover, the journey leading up to this significant milestone is one paved with determination, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings six decades ago, JAC Motors has evolved into a powerhouse in the automotive industry, garnering acclaim for its cutting-edge technology, unparalleled quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.


The T-Series double-cab pickup, a cornerstone of JAC Motors’ lineup, embodies the brand’s ethos of blending rugged durability with modern sophistication. With its robust construction, advanced features, and versatile capabilities, the T-Series has garnered a loyal following both domestically and internationally, earning accolades for its performance, reliability, and value.

Beyond production numbers, the completion of the 300,000th T-Series pickup truck also symbolises a journey of growth, resilience, and adaptation in an ever-evolving global landscape. JAC Motors’ commitment to innovation has been instrumental in propelling the brand to new heights, as it continues to push the boundaries of technological advancement and redefine industry standards.

On top of that, the milestone serves as a testament to JAC Motors’ unwavering dedication to its customers, both old and new, across the globe. By consistently delivering products of uncompromising quality and reliability, the brand has earned the trust and loyalty of drivers worldwide, cementing its position as a leader in the automotive sector.

Looking ahead, JAC Motors remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. As it embarks on the next chapter of its storied journey, the brand is poised to continue shaping the future of mobility, setting new benchmarks, and inspiring generations to come.

In essence, the completion of the 300,000th T-Series double-cab pickup truck represents not just a numerical milestone but a celebration of JAC Motors’ legacy, values, and relentless pursuit of excellence. It is a testament to the brand’s enduring spirit of innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, today and for generations to come.

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