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Published on June 5th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


The Ducati DesertX Rally Wins The Iron Road Prologue Again

Ducati took this win at the Erzbergrodeo with Antoine Meo

Ducati’s DesertX Rally clinched another victory in the twin-cylinder category at the renowned Erzbergrodeo, adding to the triumphs of 2 June 2024 when Pecco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini secured a remarkable 1-2 finish in the MotoGP race at Mugello. Antoine Meo’s success at the Iron Road Prologue marked his second consecutive win using the DesertX.


The Iron Road Prologue, a critical qualifier for over 1300 riders, features an intense climb over 13.5 km, drawing both single and twin-cylinder motorcycles. Meo, supported by the Entropy Motorbike team, claimed victory in the twin-cylinder category, positioning the DesertX Rally for a strong start in the final event.

Moreover, during the final race, Meo showcased the DesertX Rally’s prowess until the course’s challenges became overwhelming for twin-cylinder machines. Nonetheless, the DesertX Rally demonstrated its competitive edge, particularly in harnessing the Ducati engine’s performance and the chassis’ race-ready solutions.


Meo’s bike, optimised for uphill racing, boasted Ducati Performance racing exhaust and streamlined modifications, reinforcing its suitability for the Erzbergrodeo’s demands. The DesertX Rally’s competitiveness extended beyond Meo’s success, with Patrick Neisser and Simon Marcic securing notable positions in the Iron Road Prologue.

At the Erzbergrodeo, Ducati also received a warm reception from enthusiasts, facilitated by Exclusive Cars, Ducati’s importer in Austria, offering DesertX range trials amidst the scenic Eisenerz iron quarry.

On top of that, this event underscores Ducati’s growing involvement in off-road racing, highlighted by the forthcoming Italian Moto Rally championship stage in Foligno, where Meo and Antonio Polidoro will once again pilot the DesertX Rally.


Derived from the DesertX, renowned for its 21-inch front rim and 18-inch rear, the Rally embodies Ducati’s commitment to adventurous off-roading, featuring premium racing components and sophisticated design elements.

What’s more, the DesertX Rally’s distinctive style and technical prowess, including Kayaba suspension, central spoke wheels, and a potent Testastretta 11° engine, reflect its off-road capabilities and adventurous spirit.


For younger enthusiasts, Ducati offers a 1,000 euro discount on all 35 kW motorbikes, coupled with the “4Ever Ducati” guarantee, ensuring peace of mind with a four-year unlimited mileage warranty, backed by Ducati’s extensive dealer network.

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