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Published on July 8th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Have You Forgotten About The Mercedes W123 Coupe

Mercedes W123 Coupe Was A Fusion Of Sporty Charm

Did you know that the CW123 Coupe model series made its global debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1977?

Coming after the success of the W123 sedan, this sporty Benz showcased a distinctive blend of sporty elegance for those seeking a car that exuded unique visual appeal and grand touring ability.

The Coupe lineup featured a six-cylinder 280 C and also a 280 CE model, along with the introduction of the first four-cylinder variant which was the 230 C which we still see some units running in Malaysia with happy owners.

Mercedes W123 Coupe

At the time the target audience for this coupe was discerning motoring enthusiasts, as expressed in the press kit from the Geneva motor show.

Incidentally this coupe range was later expanded with the inclusion of the 300 CD diesel variant in September 1977, primarily intended for export to North America and subsequently replaced by the 300 CD turbo diesel in 1981 which never made it to our shores. At the time, it was Cycle & Carriage that was the brand guardian for Benz in Malaysia and sedans sold the most.

Meanwhile, production of the carburetor models, the 230 C, and 280 C ended in 1980, making way for the 230 CE with a petrol injection system and we have a few on sale right now in our FB classifieds at between RM70k to RM110k depending on year of manufacture and condition.

Mercedes W123 Coupe

The C 123 series enjoyed a successful run, with production coming to an end in August 1985 after approximately eight years with a total of 99,884 units manufactured and sold across the globe.

Interestingly, it is the 280 C that proved to be the rarest variant, with only 3,704 units built over three and a half years, while the 280 CE emerged as the most popular, with 32,138 units produced.

Mercedes W123 Coupe

Even today, these elegant two-door models continue to captivate enthusiasts, securing their position as sought-after classic cars.

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