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Published on February 14th, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Peugeot 206 used car buy option

The recent interest rate hike for used cars has resulted in certain models that are not all that popular in the used car lot to take a slight dive in value. Some of these models can be very good and well built cars with loads of curbside appeal, however their values are determined by many factors too lengthy to mention. This week we look at one such car that at launch had motoring hacks like myself looking at possible purchase however with inadequate values in our pay slip we decided to take a long and tedious wait for used values to reach today’s levels.

Introduced in 1999 by Cycle and Carriage, the Peugeot 206 had the looks that most women lusted over. Men also found the car very attractive but are seemed to feminine when compared to its hot older brother the 205 Gti. The 205 arrived in Malaysia in very small numbers and only a few can be found these days. The 206 initially sold in small numbers however as confidence in the brand grew under Cycle and Carriage, sales moved upwards and two models left showrooms with a third and fourth hitting the streets a year later. First there were the 1.4 and 1.6 five door petrol. A hot 2-liter GTi arrived later and found it difficult to reach mainstream buyers with its high asking price of almost RM140K. The convertible hardtop with its squat rear and power folding metal roof was an instant hit with both sexes as it’s was the best priced open top for sale in the market.
We look at a year 2000 1.4-liter XR that recently was advertised in the classifieds for a reasonable RM28,000. This 11 year old compact 4 door hatchback is rather accommodating inside with enough room for 4 adults and a teenager in a pinch. Luggage room is not the greatest but you can fit a suitcase standing up if necessary.
The 206 comes with a nimble chassis and nicely weighted steering that shine on the road whether you are driving on the open highway or on a small town kampong road. With all four electric windows, central locking, split-fold rear seat that is height adjustable and rakish design, this 206 XR makes a fine buy. On the road the 206 feels light and easy to drive. Visibility is good, but the sloping bonnet can make it difficult to judge the car’s length. Brakes are well weighted and the suspension soaks up bumps like larger executive sedan. Build quality is generally high although minor switches and vents can feel a little plasticky. Economy is a 206 XR strong point and if the car is well maintained you can get almost 30mpg in town and a better 35-40mpg on the highway.

The 206 leads the way with extended servicing intervals, petrol cars requiring a service every two years or 20,000 miles. With such large intervals Peugeot recommends that the car is still checked annually, and its new dealers, Nasim  are happy to do this for a small charge. When looking at a used unit, pay close attention the electrics as many owners might have upgraded their stereo or installed alarm systems at 2nd rate shops. Some installers are not careful with their workmanship and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary problems with the cars electrical system. Lookout for rust at the four fenders. If you spot any then this car should be avoided as Peugeots do not rust easily and normally stay rust free for 15 years or so. This could be accident damage or worse, constant seaside usage. Worn interiors can be a problem if the car has been abused by kids. Plastic bits that have broken or cracked can be expensive to replace. Engines can be checked at any Peugeot Nasim outlet. It will not be cheap but you will be reassured of the cars purchase viability. There are not many for sale so you need to be patient or lucky. Happy hunting people.

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