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BMW Shows The 4-Series Convertible


The new BMW 4-Series Convertible heralds a new era in the premium mid-size range of open cars offered by BMW. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible is visibly larger in width, track and wheelbase than the BMW 3-Series Convertible. The vehicle’s impeccable balance of proportions and characteristic flowing lines stem from the typical BMW short overhangs front and rear, the stretched bonnet and set-back passenger compartment. The striking BMW design features up front – such as the double-kidney grille, twin circular headlights and the large air intakes in the front apron – are keen to display this convertible’s family ties with the BMW 3-Series.


However, the dynamic convictions of the BMW 4-Series Convertible are expressed by elements such as the so-called Air Breathers positioned rearward of the front wheel arches. Together with the Air Curtains, these elements reduce turbulence and aerodynamic drag at the front wheels. The markedly flat design of the boot area at the rear underlines the flowing harmony of the overall vehicle silhouette. Horizontal lines and muscular wheel arches combine to accentuate the car’s wide track and rear-wheel drive concept.


Improved roof design and construction. Extra comfort. More functionality

The design language of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible is reflected in the car’s unmistakable and elegant silhouette with balanced proportions when the top is down, and in the sleek look of the roofline – without a B column – when the hardtop is closed. The three-piece retractable hardtop of the BMW 4-Series Convertible is distinguished by advanced soundproofing with its “noise-absorbing” headliner, ensuring quietness and genuine passenger comfort under all weather conditions – even in winter. The interior roof is fully lined and features lamps that add to the ambience expected of a premium sport coupe. When the top is down and stored in the boot, the standard load and unload assistance function pivots the folded roof in the luggage compartment upwards to provide ample storage space and easy access. Thus even large and bulky items and luggage can be conveniently stowed when the top is down. The low and sporty seats ensure more headroom as well as added rear legroom.

Driving dynamics from the top drawer

In addition to the enjoyment of the unrivalled open-air driving experience at the push of a button, the BMW 4-Series Convertible also impresses with exhilarating performance and sovereign handling. BMW engineers have succeeded in making key improvements in areas such as steering accuracy, precision and agility. Sophisticated chassis technology, torque-steer-free Electric Power Steering, 50:50 weight distribution, a programme of fine-tuning in the wind tunnel and a lightweight construction concept enabled them to build an unadulterated driving machine. The sporty look of the convertible is evident in the longer wheelbase, wider track and standard lower suspension when compared with its predecessor model. Among many factors, the extremely low centre of gravity also accounts for the remarkable performance and handling of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible.

Two petrol engines and one diesel available at model launch

At model launch the BMW 4-Series Convertible can be delivered with an in-line six-cylinder petrol engine (BMW 435i Convertible), a four-cylinder petrol engine (BMW 428i Convertible) and a four-cylinder diesel (BMW 420d Convertible). These engines cover the performance range from 135 kW/184 hp to 225 kW/306 hp and feature the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. These state-of-the-art engines imbue the BMW 4-Series Convertible with outstanding acceleration and elasticity while intelligently reducing fuel consumption in compliance with the EU6 standard.

Eight-speed Sports automatic transmission

The power from the engines is sent to the rear wheels via a eight-speed Sports automatic transmission that allows the driver to change gears manually by using shift paddles on the steering wheel.

BMW EfficientDynamics

The sheer driving pleasure of the BMW 4-Series Convertible is accompanied by outstanding economy. The source of this low fuel consumption can be traced to BMW EfficientDynamics, with innovations that can be found throughout the new BMW 4-Series Convertible. In addition to the optimised fuel economy of the petrol and diesel engines, the intelligent lightweight construction concept and honed aerodynamics – headlined by the Air Curtains and Air Breathers – also help to maximise efficiency. Other features such as the Auto Start Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, the gear shift indicator, on-demand operation of ancillary units and the innovative Proactive Driving Assistant all do their part to ensure low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, without compromising driving performance. The ECO PRO mode can even lead to fuel savings of 20 per cent. In conjunction with the automatic transmission, the new convertible – like the BMW 4-Series Coupe – also features a coasting mode for the first time.


BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW was early in recognising the significance of connecting the automobile with its environment through intelligent networking technologies and thus is able to offer unique mobility services and driver assistance systems. These innovations are available from the Connected Drive product range as standard or optional equipment for the BMW 4-Series Convertible and, for a limited time, some can even be ordered after the initial vehicle purchase. With these innovations, the new BMW 4-Series Convertible is setting standards in terms of safety, convenience and infotainment. Among the highlights are a new generation of the Navigation System Professional, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display, Driving Assistant Plus, which warns the driver of a potential collision with a pedestrian, the intelligent, glare-free LED High Beam Assistant, Active Protection with Attentiveness Assistant and the latest development stage of the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function.

Design and functionality: Aesthetic appeal, the exciting convertible experience and daily reliability without compromises

The new BMW 4-Series Convertible represents the fifth generation in the BMW heritage of premium mid-size convertibles. Just like the BMW 4-Series Coupe, the new BMW 4-Series Convertible introduces new dimensions of aesthetic design and sportiness. At the same time, the new model reinforces the company’s claim to years of market leadership when it comes to designing and building premium convertibles for the mid-size segment. More than ever before, it is the design language of the BMW 4-Series Convertible that accounts for its eye-catching and powerful presence on the road. The synergy of outstanding and dynamic performance with maximum driving pleasure is a further milestone in the story begun by the BMW 4-Series Coupe and now being continued by the launch of the BMW 4-Series Convertible.


Athletic elegance, impeccable proportions

Traditionally BMW convertibles have always been styling trendsetters thanks to their dynamic and balanced proportions, both when the top is up or down. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible is no exception. For example, its dimensions differ significantly from the outgoing BMW 3-Series Convertible. The overall length of 4638 millimetres has been extended by 26 mm, the wheelbase has grown by 50 mm and, together with the 43 mm added to the front track (1825 millimetres), this rounds off the athletic yet elegant appearance of the vehicle. The shorter overhangs in comparison with the BMW 3-Series Convertible, the long bonnet, the set-back passenger compartment and the wider track (+ 45 mm front, + 81 mm rear) further accent the silhouette.

Eye-catching front end with prominently sporting contours

Although the BMW 4-Series Convertible expresses more dynamic conviction and sportiness than its predecessor, the design of the front end reflects its close family ties with the BMW 3-Series. The kidney grille and twin headlights are characteristic design elements that are unmistakably BMW. The car’s head-turning front end is a demonstration of precise contours and multifaceted surfaces. The optional adaptive full-LED twin headlights, with their hexagonal design, team up with the slightly forward-slanting BMW kidney grille to form a single stylistic unit and strengthen the athletic appearance of the BMW 4-Series Convertible on the road. The width of the vehicle is accentuated by a large air intake in the front apron below the headlight line. On the far left and right-hand edges of the air intake are the additional, aerodynamically refined small vertical apertures for the Air Curtains.


Flowing lines shape the elegantly sporty silhouette

Powerfully taut surfaces and precise, sweeping lines define the athletic outline of the BMW 4-Series Convertible. The sloping roofline stretches the car’s overall appearance and elegantly accentuates the sporting profile of the flanks. The moulding at the juncture of the three-piece folding hardtop and the body is an eye-catching touch. It is available in chrome, black or satinated aluminium, depending on the model variant. Additionally, the shallow, homogeneous side window graphic with the signature BMW Hofmeister kink at the trailing edge of the C-pillar generates dynamic visual tension. Below the windows, the double swage line inherited from the BMW 3-Series teams up with the striking door sill line to strengthen the body’s dynamic wedge shape. The car exudes dynamic elegance when the top is down, and the smooth, flowing look of the silhouette is in no way compromised by radio antennas or the roll-over bars, which are intelligently hidden behind the rear head restraints.

Located just rearwards of the BMW 4-Series Convertible’s front wheels are Air Breathers designed to reduce drag around the wheel arches. Together, the Air Breathers and Air Curtains underline the sporting character of the car’s design and provide tangible evidence of the innovative aerodynamic solutions devised by BMW as part of its BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy. The sporting character of the BMW 4-Series Convertible extends into the powerful design of the rear. The prominent horizontal lines and broadly stretched L-shaped tail lights positioned at the outer edges of the rear draw extra attention to the muscular wheel arches and wide track.

Three-piece retractable hardtop

Form and function. The BMW 4-Series Convertible offers outstanding everyday driving qualities and a dynamic design, with the top up or down. These seemingly contradictory qualities were already combined in the BMW 3-Series Convertible, the predecessor model that set standards for premium mid-size convertibles. The height of the BMW 4-Series Convertible is 1372 mm, making it a mere 10 mm taller than the BMW 4-Series Coupe. The hardtop of the BMW 4-Series Convertible features a number of design improvements that reduce noise levels for a much quieter interior ambience. The sound-absorbing headliner also reduces wind noise by up to 2 dB in comparison to the predecessor model. All it takes is a push of a button to transform the dynamic coupe into an elegant athletic convertible within 20 seconds. The top can also be lowered when the vehicle is travelling at speeds of up to 18 km/h (approx. 11 mph). The vehicle’s air resistance with the steel top up is Cd 0.28 – and it is just Cd 0.33 when the hardtop is retracted.

The redesigned optional windblock, which is now wider at the sides, and the three-temperature neck warmers allow for comfortable open-air driving at high speeds and low temperatures. The windblock is now smaller, lighter and easier to use, plus it is more effective than previous variants. When it is not needed, the windblock can be stored behind the rear seat to save space, which is also a new feature.

The BMW 4-Series Convertible also has plenty of space in the boot, even when the retractable hardtop is lowered: Unlike earlier models, the new convertible offers wider access to the luggage compartment, and an electro-hydraulic loading assistance system pivots and positions the folded hardtop in the boot as needed to ensure maximum utilisation of the 220 litres of storage space available. The loading assistance feature makes sure that there is always ample access to the boot whether the top is up or down. But that is not all: Two storage compartments on the right and left of the main luggage area are also available for stowing small items when the retractable top is closed. When the top is up, the luggage compartment has a volume of 370 litres – that is 20 litres more than available in the BMW 3-Series Convertible.

Even bulky items can be transported with the BMW 4-Series Convertible. A flat and level storage area can be utilised when the backrest of the rear bench seat is folded down. If the car is equipped with the optional load-through feature, even more space is available: Either a wide opening between the rear passenger compartment and the boot, or a smaller opening, for example for skis, when four people are seated in the vehicle.


Functional sportiness and elegance in the interior

The interior of the BMW 4-Series Convertible blends sporting intent and exclusivity to stylish effect.

An approach known as layering – the clever utilisation of space through the structuring of lines and surfaces into layers – provides a natural canvas for the hallmark BMW driver focus, but is careful not to exclude the front passenger from the action. All of the controls are arranged ergonomically around the driver to provide optimum access to all functions. A sports steering wheel, crystal-clear circular instruments in black panel look and the freestanding, flatscreen iDrive monitor, the iDrive Touch Controller – within easy reach on the centre console – underline the sense of functional elegance.

The dynamic horizontal lines of the instrument panel extend into the optional two-tone door and side panel trim. This is enhanced by the retractable hardtop cover to create an exclusive “boat deck” look. The interior design wraps around the driver and front passenger in an unbroken sweep and lends the interior an engagingly dynamic feel while showcasing the typically long doors.

The interplay of surfaces and lines in the car’s side panels, plus the continuation of the accent strip, creates a visual connection between the front and rear of the interior.

The completely new design of the front seats in the new BMW 4-Series Convertible includes integrated retractable seat belts – a feature not available on any other vehicle in this class. What’s more, the seats are electrically adjustable as standard. If desired, the standard seats and the optional sport seats with recessed head restraints can be equipped with neck warmers for the driver and front passenger. These are available for the first time.

The dynamic character of the 4-Series Convertible can also be seen in the rear compartment. The bench design is contoured to form two individual seats, with cup holders and a storage tray for small items between them. The rear head restraints are separated from the concealed roll-over bars and can be removed if desired. The effective roll-over bars are comprised of two massive steel elements hidden behind the rear seats – in critical situations, sensors trigger the system and the roll-over bars are extended within less than 200 ms.

Five individual equipment variants

High-class material combinations, exclusive colours and individual equipment variants boasting unbeatable quality of workmanship define the premium ambience on board the new BMW 4-Series Convertible. The standard trim level is based on a material and colour concept that accentuates the classical side of the car’s character. But customers may choose to individualise the interior and exterior of their convertible with the Sport, Modern and Luxury Lines, not to mention the M Sport package, which all embody different takes on the car’s character.


M Sport package

The BMW 4-Series Convertible never fails to impress thanks to its remarkable performance and styling, and the M Sport package shines a particularly bright spotlight on this car’s stand-out dynamic qualities. The aerodynamic package includes numerous body components such as the front apron with large air intake, the rear bumper with diffuser, and the eye-catching side skirts. BMW Individual High-gloss Shadow Line trim and the exclusive optional exterior paint Estoril Blue metallic ensure an unmistakably sporty appearance and unbeatable road presence – an effect underpinned by 18- or (optionally) 19-inch light-alloy wheels in hallmark M design. Inside the car, features such as M door sill finishers, an M leather steering wheel and an M driver’s footrest shape the sporty yet elegant ambience. The driver and front passenger can settle into the exclusive sports seats with M piping and royal blue contrast stitching. Technical features of this package include M Sport suspension and the optional M Sport brakes in contrasting blue paint finish.

Driving dynamics: The thrill of open-air driving

The keen dynamics and supreme handling of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe are dominant themes in its engaging driving experience. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible shares the same DNA – and this is evident when the top is up or down. In addition, certain body and chassis components have been strengthened to resist torsional forces when driving with the top down. The BMW 4-Series Convertible also has a lighter weight, better agility and more precision than its predecessors. When you add the 50:50 balanced axle load distribution, the extremely low centre of gravity, bespoke chassis set-up and intelligent lightweight construction concept, the result is an exceptionally dynamic overall package.

New dimensions, lower centre of gravity

The new BMW 4-Series Convertible has an even clearer sporting brief than the outgoing BMW 3-Series Convertible and displays an immediate road presence to match. This is achieved in no small part with the longer, 2,810-millimetre wheelbase (+ 50 mm) and wider track – 1,545 millimetres at the front and 1,594 millimetres at the rear (+ 45/+ 81 mm). As standard, the BMW 4-Series Convertible also sits 10 millimetres closer to the asphalt than the latest BMW 3-Series Sedan. This helps to bring the car’s centre of gravity down lower than its predecessor’s. As these figures show, drivers of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible can look forward to an alluring package of assured roadholding, agile handling and enhanced precision and feedback. However, these dynamic qualities do not come at the cost of comfort, confirming the sporting convertible’s status as a car equipped to meet the varied challenges of everyday use.

A rigorous focus on sports performance

The chassis construction of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible is based on that of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. However, the springs and damping, axle kinematics and elastokinematics have all been tailored precisely to the hugely engaging character of the new convertible. Indeed, the chassis engineers have managed to make further improvements to the agility and accuracy offered by the chassis, thanks to modification and fine-tuning of variables such as the camber angle, the track and the roll centre. Last but not least, special body strengthening elements in the front section and the undercarriage of the car help to further enhance steering precision and feedback.


Complex double-joint spring strut front axle

The front axle of the new BMW 4-Series combines maximum stiffness with minimum weight. Aluminium spring struts, wishbones and swivel bearings bring a substantial reduction in unsprung masses. The customary BMW approach of splitting the steering and drive forces between the front and rear axle allowed engineers to optimise the kinematics of the double-joint axle in favour of agility and dynamism. Adjusting the position of the control arms in the swivel bearings from their arrangement on the latest BMW 3-Series Sedan gives the car a 19-millimetre lower roll centre, which has a positive effect on driving dynamics. Just like the BMW 4-Series Coupe, the new BMW 4-Series Convertible threads its way through corners with supreme ease and even greater precision

Five-link rear axle enhances dynamic handling and comfort

The rear axle of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible plays a critical role in boosting the car’s dynamic ability. But that does not mean comfort has been neglected as this is a key aspect of the open-air driving experience. This construction is based on the proven five-link concept, and its elastokinematics have been tuned specially for the 4-Series. In addition, extra-wide mounts and supports on the wheel carriers for track and camber, slightly repositioned pivot points, ultra-stiff control arms and axle subframes, and the use of thrust arms to connect the suspension with the body all provide an excellent basis for an extremely sporty and dynamically exceptional overall set-up. The result is precise and assured wheel location, and therefore unbeatable directional stability in any driving situation. Clever aerodynamic features around the rear axle also do their bit for driving dynamics.

Precision steering: Servotronic as standard, variable sports steering optional

Precision, accuracy and direct responses are thus among the steering attributes that help define the sporting character of the BMW 4-Series Convertible. A standard feature of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible is Electric Power Steering, complete with the Servotronic function providing speed-sensitive power assistance. The system’s clearly defined mapping results in sharper steering feel and feedback. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible can be equipped with variable sports steering as an option. This uses different steering ratios depending on the amount of lock applied. Only a small amount of steering effort is required for manoeuvring, for example, while unbeatable tracking and straightline stability at high speeds are guaranteed.

Powerful braking system with lightweight construction

In keeping with its dynamic performance capability, the new BMW 4-Series Convertible comes equipped with powerful swing-calliper or fixed-calliper brakes and large, inner-vented brake discs. The callipers on the front axle are made from aluminium. As well as boasting low unsprung masses, the brakes also stand out with their superior heat tolerance, excellent wet braking performance, ease of use and excellent feel. A brake pad wear indicator and the Brake Drying function are standard on all models.


Intelligent lightweight and high-strength construction

Dynamic performance and handling is significantly influenced by vehicle weight. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible’s intelligent lightweight construction concept makes a major contribution to the car’s dynamic qualities. The use of high- and ultra-high-strength multi-phase steels and tailored blanks – customised precision components for specific applications – maximises the body’s strength. The torsional rigidity has been increased by 40 per cent compared with the predecessor model. The top also plays a decisive role in a convertible, because the car does not have a roof serving as a permanent support element. Most BMW 4-Series Convertible variants are up to 20 kg lighter than the predecessor, even though the new vehicle is larger and complies with more stringent safety standards.

Aerodynamic qualities

When the hardtop is up, the new BMW 4-Series Convertible highlights its aerodynamic qualities with a Cd (drag coefficient) of 0.28 – which is the same figure as for the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. The convertible achieves a Cd of 0.33 when the top is down. This is possible due to the optimisation of the front apron and the rear of the car. The BMW Air Curtains in the front apron generate a veil of air which reduces turbulence – and therefore drag – around the front wheels. The new Air Breathers positioned rearwards of the front wheel arches divert some of the air flowing through the wheel arches, thereby reducing air resistance. These innovations serve to optimise fuel economy and – at the same time – enhance the lift coefficient.

Adaptive suspension and M Sport suspension

The M Sport suspension included as part of the M Sport package can also be ordered separately to enhance the athletic handling characteristics of all variants in the model series. It works with a firmer spring/damper set-up and stiffer anti-roll bars, and its kinematics/elastokinematics have also been tweaked to suit the new BMW 4-Series Convertible. Alternatively, customers may prefer to specify adaptive suspension – with its focused sporting set-up and electronically controlled dampers – which adjusts the damper mapping to the road surface and driving situation at hand. The driver can also use the Driving Experience Control switch to vary the basic suspension settings between the more comfortable and the sportier ends of the scale, according to personal preference. The Sport configuration, even in comparison to the M Sport suspension, delivers the maximum “hands-on” driving experience.

BMW also offers the M Sport brakes. The team of aluminium fixed callipers (four-piston at the front, two-piston at the rear) and generously sized discs combine extremely low weight with very short stopping distances.

Driving Experience Control for more comfort, sportiness, economy. The new BMW 4-Series Convertible also offers drivers the ability to give the overall character of the car a sportier or more comfortable edge, depending on the driving situation or their personal preferences. Using the Driving Experience Control switch on the centre console, drivers can select their desired mode – ECO PRO, COMFORT, SPORT or SPORT+ (in conjunction with the Sport Line or M Sport package). Each of these predefined set-ups activates different settings for the relevant powertrain and suspension components.

Powertrain: Powerful and efficient engines

Owning a convertible reflects a driver’s passion for elegant lines, sports performance and the thrill of the open-air driving experience. Thus a premium convertible should combine an elegant and athletic look with impressive performance and handling features. The state-of-the-art powertrain technology under the skin of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible ensures it delivers an engaging driving experience that satisfies even the most demanding expectations.

Low in weight, high on performance: the four-cylinder engine for the BMW 428i Convertible

Spirited power delivery, impressive torque, high maximum revs and low weight are the key qualities of the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which fits in seamlessly with the dynamic concept of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible. Here again, BMW’s technology package – including High Precision Direct Injection, twin-scroll turbocharging, Double-Vanos variable camshaft control and Valvetronic fully variable valve control – lays on impressive performance potential combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.

The cutting-edge, four-cylinder petrol engine generates maximum output of 245 hp at 5,000 – 6,500 rpm and peak torque of 350 Nm, which is available between 1,250 and 4,800 rpm. The new BMW 428i Convertible harnesses these sporty performance attributes to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. The engine translates each dab of the accelerator into forward propulsion instantaneously and conjures up compelling power delivery from the moment it spins above idle all the way into the upper regions of its engine speed range along an almost linear curve. The average fuel consumption of the BMW 428i Convertible in the EU test cycle stands at just 6.8 – 7.0 litres per 100 kilometres, and CO2 emissions of 159 – 163 grams per kilometre (depending on the tyre format specified) are similarly low. The optional eight-speed Sports automatic gearbox also opens up further potential for fuel savings: Combined fuel consumption of between 6.6 and 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 154 – 157 grams per kilometre represent the compelling economy delivered by the BMW 428i Convertible.

Powerful and efficient: the four-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 420d Convertible

It is a number of years now since BMW first proved that diesel engines can make an extremely attractive choice of power source for convertibles as well. Today, this is a widely recognised truth and diesel engines in no way conflict with the sporting aspirations of this breed of car. The new BMW 420d Convertible sees the latest-generation four-cylinder diesel engine put forward another compelling case with its imposing torque, exceptional refinement and outstanding efficiency – achieved without impinging on the car’s engaging driving experience. This state-of-the-art diesel unit with composite aluminium crankcase sets a variety of benchmarks: The latest-generation common rail direct injection technology, turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and precise solenoid valve injectors ensure instantaneous throttle response and impressive punch, combined with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions.

With maximum output of 184 hp at 4,000 rpm and peak torque reaching 380 Nm between 1,750 and 2,750 rpm, the new BMW 420d Convertible displays an extremely dynamic turn of pace. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is dealt with in just 8.2 seconds and the agile diesel can accelerate up to 235 km/h if required. Average fuel consumption of 5.1 – 5.3 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions between 133 and 138 grams per kilometre (EU test cycle, depending on the tyre format specified) complete the profile of the new BMW 420d Convertible as a powerful and efficient athlete equipped with one of the cleanest and most economical diesel engines in its class.

Six-speed manual gearbox as standard

Drivers with sporting tendencies will appreciate the easy gear changes, precise shift travel and optimum gear spacing that are the stand-out features of the six-speed manual gearbox for the new BMW 4-Series Convertible. This gearbox is precisely harmonised with the engine characteristics to handle powerful sprints and rapid, short bursts of speed or relaxed cruising, while also playing its part in helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Eight-speed Sports automatic available as an option

Extraordinarily rapid gear changes and outstanding shift comfort make the eight-speed automatic transmission the perfect choice for customers with a passion for sporty driving. Extra shift phases keep increases in rpm small between gear changes. The gearbox adjusts to a wide range of driving styles, from spontaneous and dynamic to comfortable cruising. Manual gear changes are possible using the paddles on the steering wheel or the short-throw gearshift.

Efficient Dynamics. Coasting mode

The sheer driving pleasure of the BMW 4-Series Convertible is accompanied by outstanding economy. The source of this low fuel consumption can be traced to BMW EfficientDynamics, with innovations that can be found throughout the new BMW 4-Series Convertible.

Thrifty and efficient petrol and diesel engines, lightweight and innovative transmissions with reduced frictional losses contribute to fuel savings and low emissions, as does the Driving Experience Control with ECO PRO mode for optimum accelerator response and intelligent engine, energy and climate management and control.

In conjunction with the optional eight-speed automatic transmission, a coasting mode is now also available for both the BMW 4-Series Convertible and the Coupe. This function decouples the powertrain as soon as the driver backs off the accelerator at speeds between 50 and 160 km/h. Other features that improve overall economy include lightweight construction, intelligent aerodynamics, on-demand power for ancillary units and an innovative Proactive Driving Assistant that tells the driver when to ease off the accelerator when approaching corners and speed-restricted zones.

Connected Drive. Safety. Comfort and infotainment

BMW was early in recognising the significance of digital networking for connecting the automobile with its environment and began integrating BMW ConnectedDrive technologies in its cars many years ago. BMW ConnectedDrive provides renewed evidence of its technical leadership and underscores the innovative character of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible with new functions and an unmatched combination of standard and optional driver assistance systems and mobility services. The intelligent link-up between passengers, their vehicle and the outside world ensures unbeatable levels of on-board comfort, infotainment and safety. The extraordinarily high level of development in mobile automotive communication is reflected in the fact that even after purchasing a BMW, customers can flexibly order and subscribe to a wide range of technologies and services.

Navigation System Professional

The new generation of the Navigation System Professional has a significantly greater breadth of functionality and a high-resolution, contrast-rich colour display. It impresses with its new design and optimised ease of use. The familiar menu navigation has been retained, although extra functions have been added. The graphics of the previous user interface have been completely revised, and the navigation system’s maps now have 3D elements. The central Control Display is operated in the familiar way using the ergonomically, perfectly positioned iDrive Touch Controller in the centre console, which now has an integral new, touch-sensitive surface and proximity sensor technology for even more convenient use. Users can now use their finger to write characters or to enter destinations in the navigation system.

High-resolution projection in colour: the Head-Up Display

The latest-generation full-colour Head-Up Display projects key information onto the windscreen in sharp resolution to appear directly in the driver’s field of view and thus increases safety and comfort. Depending on the vehicle specification, not only is the current speed displayed, but speed limits and overtaking restrictions are also flashed up for the driver’s benefit, along with navigation instructions and various warning messages. The wide variety of driver assistance systems now available brings the amount of information that can be shown in the Head-Up Display to a whole new level.

Driving Assistant Plus

The Driving Assistant Plus uses intelligently networked camera-based assistant systems and image processing to detect any people or vehicles within its field of vision. When it recognises a looming risk of collision with the vehicle in front, the system produces an acute audible warning and a visual signal appears in the instrument cluster or the optional Head-Up Display to alert the driver that he or she is drawing too close. Should a collision be unavoidable, automatic moderate hazard braking is actuated. In both cases – in addition to the warnings – the vehicle’s brakes are automatically primed for emergency braking.

Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function

More active safety and more comfort are provided by the latest version of BMW’s Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (ACC Stop&Go). It uses a front-mounted camera on the rear-view mirror in addition to the full-range radar sensors to provide an enhanced interpretation of the traffic situation ahead. The system continuously measures the proximity of the vehicle ahead, keeping a safe distance between it and the BMW equipped with ACC Stop&Go, and it also warns the BMW driver of any obstacles looming ahead. Active Cruise Control with automatic distance control is now available at speeds between 30 km/h and 210 km/h (approx. 18 and 130 mph).

Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning systems

Among the convenience and safety-enhancing assistance systems on offer are Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning, with the latter only available as part of the Driving Assistant Plus option. These systems employ radar sensors and camera monitoring to alert drivers to potential collision risks when changing lanes or if they veer out of lane unintentionally and also issue a warning when driving too close to the vehicle ahead.

LED headlights with glare-free High Beam Assistant

The bright white light emitted by full LED headlights illuminates the road ahead with an exceptional intensity. With high beam activated, the High Beam Assistant partially masks the headlights as required in order to eliminate the danger of dazzling vehicles as they approach. The High Beam Assistant can also adapt to the traffic situation by switching to low beam on one or both sides. The standard BMW fog lights also feature LED technology in the BMW 4-Series.



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