PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA User Experience_Feedback From Teacher Miss. Komala


Published on April 2nd, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA User Experience_Feedback From Teacher Miss. Komala


A teacher in a private school, Ms. Komala is not very loyal to a single fuel brand and so she was ready to try PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA. Here is what she had to say after one month of using just PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA.

Q1. Are you currently a PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA customer?


Q2. After 1 month of using PRIMAX 95 XTRA does your engine feel smoother on a drive?

On the first week not so much. But I did notice that early in the morning when I first start the engine, it does not take as long as before to get it ‘warmed up’ and the drive feels smoother withPETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA .

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Q3. On a full tank of PRIMAX 95 XTRA do you get better mileage over your previous brand of fuel?

I do see a difference in mileage after using PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA.

Q4. Is it easy to find PRIMAX 95 XTRA near your office or home?

Yes it is very easy to find PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA.

Q5. Are you happy with PRIMAX 95 XTRA?

Yes I am.

Q6. Would you recommend PRIMAX 95 XTRA to friends and family who drive?

I would definitely share my experience using PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA.

Q7. Will you continue to use PRIMAX 95 XTRA?

I would strongly consider switching if the points-for-cash (mesra points) offered a better deal than the brand of petrol I currently use.


Tell us in your own words the PRIMAX 95 XTRA experience please.

I only tried out PRIMAX 95 XTRA because an opportunity was presented to me. But I’m glad I tried it out as some of the misconceptions I’ve held about the quality of petrol in Petronas has been dispelled. After nearly a month of using PRIMAX 95 XTRA, I definitely noticed a difference in my engine performance especially going uphill. I noticed that the car runs smoother in the mornings during the first drive of the day. I also get a significant amount of mileage out ofPRIMAX XTRA amounting to almost RM10 in savings for this month. I didn’t really notice a difference in the fumes released but overall it’s a thumbs up for PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA.

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