Hari Raya Drive Take The Road Less Traveled

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Published on July 25th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Hari Raya Drive Take The Road Less Traveled

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The big move out of the city will start today and here are some tips to get you and your family to your destination safe and sound.

If driving on the toll highway is wearing on your patience and sanity along with your vehicles tires, engine, air-conditioning and brakes, then try an alternate route. If the main toll highway is clogged with frustrated fellow commuters heading back to their respective home towns, then drop off the toll highway and take the state road.

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For example, if you are heading north from Klang Valley (KL) take the toll highway until Slim River, and then turn off at Slim River toll. This sleepy little town is just 2 -3 kilometres from the toll plaza. With some interesting little coffee shops, take a rest with some local brew and chow down to some local food. After your relaxed bathroom break (no need to wait in Q like in the crowded rest areas), drive along the old state road past Kampar town until you reach the next exit to the toll highway. You get some decent drink and food at sensible prices and you are not stuck in a highway rest area filled with other commuters ‘fighting’ for table space at the overpriced and under taste food stalls. This will also give you a chance to explain to your kids that there are great towns behind the fast moving toll highways.

Even if a road takes a little more time or goes out the way, the payoff of enjoying what was once a daily grind can be enormous. Besides, you might find a new spot for coffee or breakfast. Try this and experience a new Malaysia.

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